Saturday, December 06, 2008

Heroes: Volume One

This stunning hardcover collects the amazing online comics based on the smash-hit, Emmy Award-nominated NBC show HEROES!

This volume -- featuring a cover by comics legend Alex Ross -- also includes an introduction by Masi Oka (Hiro), all 34 chapters of Season One, and Tim Sale's artwork as seen on the show. The comics included have been written and illustrated by some of comics' and television's top writers and artists, including Michael Turner, Phil Jimenez, Marcus To, and more!

I read this book because I was curious. I received the first season of Heroes for Christmas last year, I think, and I am only getting around to watching it right now. Late at night I watch either a television episode, movie, or concert with The Charming Comedian. It takes us forever because we only watch a bit at a time, but I have watched more of the medium than I normally do as a result. We both like science-fiction and fantasy, so I thought it was about time I got around to watching the series. I am enjoying it so far! Then, I was at the bookstore giving myself permission to purchase one book, but it had to be something different. This is what I chose, and more because it was the only graphical novel they had there that interested me than anything else.

This book is a collection of comic books that tell the stories that don't appear on the show. They answer questions and show aspects of the characters story-lines that we might be curious about. It is really just the little things in the beginning, and then it becomes a more in-depth story. It is helping to put all the puzzle pieces of the show together. While I cannot say I love it, I do admit to becoming a fan of Heroes. I will probably watch more the show and when the next volume comes out in paperback, I will probably pick it up. Graphic novels are so hard to window shop, though, because my bookstore doesn't really carry that many. It is really too bad, too, because I actually really like them and wish I read more of them!

To be really honest, though... I read this book for the cover. Isn't that a fantastic cover? I want it on my shelf... It will look great with all my other books! Not to mention the great art inside. Actual pieces that are shown in the show are collected inside the book, so I was really happy about that. While I will never be an artist, I do have an appreciation for it. Yep, so I confess, I bought it for the pictures and really could careless about the words!


  1. for a person who reads as much as you do.. that's amazing! lol..I don't know why we do things like buying a book for its cover.. but we've all done it now and then! sheesh

  2. Yeah, I know. I hardly do anymore, though, because I have been good this year with book buying! Thanks for commenting, though. Reminded me that it is about time I got around to Cornelia Funke!


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