Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It Snowed Again...

You know, it is not even officially winter and it has snowed several times already! I am already sick of shoveling snow! And, I swear, everytime it has snowed I have been somewhere without my winter attire and I am stuck shoveling my car out in sneakers!

Actually, a good way to know that a person is from Canada, is that they are the ones that are walking around in a snowstorm in an unzipped jacket, sneakers, no gloves, and no hat. That's me in a nutshell! I did have gloves but they were annoying me so I took them off... It's the 'out of towners' that walk around in 'appropriate' winter attire...


  1. That's true! We did get some snow today. It was so pretty. I won't be happy to shovel tomorrow but it's nice at the moment.

  2. We had freezing rain after the snow, so it is not the nice fluffy stuff I shoveled this morning anymore.

  3. It's been snowing here all day. We still had snow on the ground from the last snow and we are going to get more. Very unusual Vancouver weather. Most people who live here don't know how to drive on snow so that makes it worse! I came here from a snowing place so know how to drive in the stuff, but don't, because of the other drivers. LOL!

    Freezing rain is even worse!

  4. Yeah, they are saying the whole country might have a white Christmas! That's a pretty cool idea when you think about it. I have been seeing that weather is weird out your way... We ALWAYS have snow and people still can't drive in it!


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