Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fables - Volume 8: Wolves by Bill Willingham

Books Completed: 39
Completion Date: February, 2009
Pages: 160
Publication Date: December 6, 2006

Reason for Reading: Next book in the series, Graphic Novel Challenge
Collecting issues #48-51 of writer and creator Bill Willingham's award-winning Vertigo series, WOLVES also includes newly-created maps of Fabletown and the Homelands illustrated by Willingham and, as a special bonus, Willingham's complete script to the double-sized issue #50.
Another book in the Fables series! I love this series, as I am sure most people have picked up on! It's a nice, refreshing read. I am glad to see other people taking the chance to read the series! And, I am so glad I took the chance and bought the first two books in the series at Christmas time. It has worked out to be a very enjoyable experience! Reviewing the eighth book in a series, though, is rather complicated. Pretty much anything that happens in it is a spoiler depending on where you are in the series!

This book answered a lot of questions. Things that have been building up from the very beginning were also addressed. It worked out really well! There wasn't a lot of action in this book. It was more about a bit of a clean-up job before adding in the action again, I imagine. Mowgli plays a central role as he continues an assignment for Prince Charming, which results in a character from the past reentering the story! And when he does, the coolest thing happens. They visit a new world and I loved it! Probably because it represents a part of my childhood that I look back on fondly. The art is this book is fanastic, too. I love the cover on this one, for example. I think it is one of my favourites. Cinderella also reprises her role, continuing to break the tradition of the ditzy blonde.

There is not much more that I can say, really. It is too risky that I will give away all of the plot!


  1. It gets harder and harder to review them without spoilers, doesn't it? Anyway...this is one of my favourites in the series :D

  2. Yeah, it's tough! I have to review the next one soon. Have to figure out what to say!


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