Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Letter Meme

I decided to play along and do the "Letter Meme". I have seen it a couple places aroung the blogosphere, but I only broke down today and got Chris to give me a letter. The point is to name ten things that you love that start with that letter. Chris gave me the letter 'T', which sounds like an easy letter... Have to see what happens!

1. Texting. I go through periods where I love both sending and receiving text messages. I am going through a quiet period right now, though.

2. Toronto Blue Jays. This actually runs in my family. Not sure if is a good thing or not! It all stems from my fathers' mother. She loved the Jays and many of my early memories are watching baseball games with her. When she died my grandfather gave me all of her Blue Jays paraphenalia and when I graduated from university I went to Toronto to watch the Jays play.

3. Tomatoes. I love tomatoes, as long as they are not the gross kind that they put on hamburgers at fast food restaurants!

4. Tales. I love fairy tales, fairy tale retellings, and folk tales. I think that is a bit apparent through my blog posts.

5. Talking. If you know me, this would be sort of self-explanatory. I can talk very well!

6. Telling Stories. I may never been an author, but if I have the right audience I am very good at telling stories. Most of the time it is just recapping my day, but people listen!

7. Taking Photos. I don't do it is as much as I used to, but I have a really nice camera that should be used more!

8. Trains. I am not sure why. Probably because my government decided to take them away from a large part of my province. I can still see them, but it's not the same as when I was little.

9. Travelling. Another thing that I don't do as often as I would like. I took a lot of road trips with the charming comedian this summer, though, and it was a lot of fun!

10. Text. I love to read, so I of course love the text that allows me to be able to read!


  1. What fun! I'm working on doing a "T" post right now too. Funny we have the same letter. I may have to "borrow" an idea from you. :)

  2. I will have to check yours out!

  3. I'm currently reading Red Ridin' in the Hood: and Other Cuentos and am enjoying it so much! It's the classic old fairy tale story told with a Latino twist.

  4. Fun answers :D I hate texting with a passion...I don't know why, just can't stand it, lol. I hate tomatos too :/ I do love tales, texting, taking photos, telling stories and talking though! So it's good to hear we have some stuff in common :p

  5. chris: That sounds really interesting!

    Other Chris: So, do you like texting or not? lol I assume your second texting was in reference to the written word, though. :) A lot of people don't like tomatoes. That's a shame... I'll eat them like apples!

  6. wow kelly! alot of your answers I agree with!! love doing photos, and talking (would love to travel if i could afford it) and I'm the tomato queen in the summer time! I could live on tomato and lettuce sandwiches!!

    you can give me a letter.. i'll try this. but if i get stuck..i wont! lol lol

  7. Deslily: Tomatoes are great, huh? I'll give you the letter 'S'. I look forward to your list!

  8. Tales! That's a great choice. As is telling stories. I've been resisting so far, but give me a letter!

  9. I cheated a little bit.

    How about 'N'

  10. Kailana -

    Great list and I'm with you on a majority of them. What a fun way to learn more about our cyber-friends.


  11. CJ: Yeah, things like this are fun, as long as I don't do them too much. Then they get to be a chore. :)

  12. How many letters are you allowed to give away?? I'd like one too! please....

    I like your T words, except like Chris I hate tomatoes with a passion, and I don't own anything I can text with!! I've never texted! Ok, so now you know I'm old! lol Otherwise, cool list, I love that you included fairy tales and travelling and trains on the same list!

  13. Hey Susan! How about the letter 'm'? Look forward to your list!


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