Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Look at Series

Back in January I posted about how I was making out on the series that I had on the go, and the new ones that I started this year. I think I will make this a monthly feature.

I read the first two books in Fairy Tails. Started the series this year...

I read the first book in the Legends of the Dark Crystal series... So, started that series this year...

I discovered Fables. I have now read seven of the books in the series, so I am over half done! I only started the series this year, though. Books eight and nine are going to be arriving with Patricia Briggs' book.

I read books one and two in the Maus graphic novel series! That means that is done, so there, I finished a series... That I only started in 2009. *cough*

I turned around and read Elizabeth Haydon's book which is the first book in a series. I have the second book requested from the library, but it seems to have gotten lost... The library only has three books in the series. So, that means I have two more to read...

I reread a book in Patricia Brigg' Mercedes Thompson series. I am just waiting for the new book to arrive in the mail, and when I read it I will be all caught up in that series!

I read Men of the Otherworld, which is in the Kelley Armstrong series. I started this series in a previous year, so this is working at finishing it up. I still have four books to read in the series, I believe.

Last year I read the first book in the Maisie Dobbs series. This year I have already read books two and three! I have two more on-request from the library, and then there is another one due out soon. There is a good chance I will catch-up in this series this year. Yay!

I read the first book in The Unwritten Book trilogy. I have the next two books here to read, just have to do so! Another trilogy started in 2009, though.

Actually, then I read Uglies by Scott Westerfeld (book one in a four book series), Crank by Emily Hopkins (book one in a trilogy, but book three isn't out until 2010), and Gifts by Ursula K. Le Guin (book one in a trilogy). I have the next books in the Westerfeld and Le Guin series requested from the library. My friend is going to lend me the second Hopkins book next time I see her.

Then, I got all five Kitty Norville books from the publisher. I figured I should at least start the series, so I read book one in that series. I have four more to go! I was going to read book two, but I am waiting for Patricia Briggs' book and don't want to get burned out on paranormals beforehand!

Feeling like I was accomplishing nothing, I decided to start some series clean-up. I read The Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry, which is the sequel to The Giver. Just have to read The Messenger, but I don't own it.

Then, I did an amazing thing and read TWO books in James Patterson's Women Murder Club series. That's a very rare accomplishment for me. They were book three and four. I have book five and six here to read, but seven I will wait until I can get it in paperback at the second-hand store. I read book one and two last year.


  1. You're not alone in your addiction to series. I want to finish some of the ones I have going before I start new ones, but to be honest I also actually like being in the middle of several series...there's something so comforting about them.

  2. I know what you mean. Still wouldn't hurt to decrease the amount a bit, though. It just seems like everything I start is part of a series! And, it isn't always clearly marked, so I don't always know it is a series until I finish the book...

  3. I should do a post like this, I don't even remember what series I'm reading any more.

  4. Lisa: Yeah, there are a lot more series... This is just what I have tackled in 2009...

  5. kelly: i agree that it should be made clearer when a book is part of a series! grrr lol..way too many going myself.

    which Eliz. Hayden series did you start? Floating island? Love the character of Ven!

  6. Deslily: Yes, series should all say on them what book they are in what series. It doesn't make sense to make it a secret!

    And, yes, I started Floating Island. I read the first book last month.


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