Saturday, March 07, 2009

One More Random Post!

There's a new Avalon book coming out in December! I know that Marion Zimmer Bradley is dead and that Diana Paxson is not quite as good an author as Bradley, but I can't help getting excited that the series is carrying on... This would be a good year to reread the series! I'm all excited now. (Okay, here is where I admit that I haven't read Ancestors of Avalon or Ravens of Avalon. Being really excited that a series carries on doesn't necessarily mean that I like the newer books... I own them, though! In hardcover, too...) So, even though it might take me years to read it, I will be buying Sword of Avalon in December.

Never read Bradley before? SHAME ON YOU! I know, she isn't for everyone but I absolutely love her! Bradley strongly had her hands in four of the books, at least:

Mists of Avalon
The Forest House
The Lady of Avalon
Priestess of Avalon

According to her website you should read them like this:
ANCESTORS OF AVALON, FIREBRAND [she wrote this one, too, I just never think of it as part of the series], RAVENS OF AVALON, FOREST HOUSE, LADY OF AVALON (parts 1-2), PRIESTESS OF AVALON, LADY OF AVALON (part 3), SWORD OF AVALON, MISTS OF AVALON, CATCH TRAP

What on EARTH is Catch Trap... Never heard of it or seen it before... I am tempted to try reading them that way, but then I have to wait until December to read Mists of Avalon and that is my favourite... I also am now going to have to find Catch Trap... Anyone read it before?
A magnificent, colorful novel of the circus world of the 1940s and 1950s, rich in detail, bursting with power and emotion.
Mario Santelli, a member of the famous flying Santelli family, is a great trapeze artist. Tommy Zane is his protege.
As naturally and gracefully as they soar through the air, the two flyers find themselves falling in love. Mario and Tommy share sweet stolen moments of passion, but the real intensity of their relationship comes from their total devotion to one another and to their art.
As public figures in a conservative era, they cannot reveal their love. But they will never renounce it.
A tremendously moving tale, a rich family saga, a wise and compassionate portrait of a special love in a special world.
Uh, huh... Well, no wonder I have never heard of it before! I find it really odd that it is grouped in with the Avalon books... Now I really want to read it, but it's, of course, out of print!

Okay, did I mention I love Bradley and everyone should read her? Don't think this series is for you? Well, if you like science fiction there is always her Darkover series, which I am determined to start this year! Then, for the paranormal fans out there, we have Ghostlight, Witchlight, Gravelight, and Heartlight.


  1. Shame on me!

    BTW, your word verification doesn't think I should read Bradley, it says I should readgies...whoever that is!

  2. I've only read Mists and The Forest House...I adored them both, so I have no idea why I didn't continue with the series! In fact, I forgot to add it to my series on the go list. I shall amend that :P

  3. I've actually been debating rereading some of these books this year - now I'm more likely to do it since there's the new one coming out! Thanks for spreading the news. :)

  4. Marg: lol. I am sure my recommendation is better than my word verification. lol I'd forgotten you had never read Bradley before.

    Nymeth: You really should read more Bradley! Although, the two you have read are my two favourites if memory serves me correct!

    Court: Yeah, I was all excited last night when I happened to notice the new book. I went and collected all my Bradley books and now I have to decide what I am going to read!

  5. I love The Mists of Avalon.I have a copy of it but I haven't read it in years. Maybe I'll read it this summer.

  6. Vasilly: I hope you do! It's a great book! I haven't read it in forever, either!

  7. sometime I hope to read Mists of Avalon, I've never been able to finish it. I used to read her anthologies of short stories, which I did love, though most of the stories were by other fantasy authors! I didn't know there were this many in the series, however. One day.....

  8. Susan: It is not for everyone, but it is a good book! I enjoy it, anyway. :)

  9. I've been meaning to read Bradley before but I never have. I think I may even own one of these books somewhere...

  10. Tink: She's a good author. I really enjoy her!

  11. Yay for more Avalon books! I really enjoyed Ancestors of Avalon and have Raven's on my list for 2009. Will look out for Sword thanks for the heads up.

  12. Rhinoa: I really need to read Ancestors and Raven this year!


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