Sunday, May 03, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Even though he doesn't read my blog with any real regularity, it is the charming comedians birthday, so I decided I should at least acknowledge it! Last year he worked, so this year it is nice that he is off work and we can actually do something! I gave him a CD, The Powder Blue Band, and we are going to see the new Star Trek movie when it opens. Other than that, it will just be going out for supper and all that stuff! I don't go all out for birthdays and he actually doesn't like cake! (Works for me, I hate icing...)

Anyway, I will say that when he knows I have mentioned him on my blog, he loves reading the comments! He will ask me days later if anyone said anything else, so feel free to comment so I have something to tell him!


  1. Lots of birthday wishes to the comedian. Many returns on the day.

  2. Wut up Mr. Comedian! Happy birthday!! One of these days you have to have like a week long marathon of all 6 star wars movies (and maybe the star wars christmas special) so that you can catch up with Kelly ;)

  3. happy birthday to the charming comedian.. I hope you both like the Star Trek movie! I think you should see 2 movies!.. go see Wolverine too!! :o) then report back to us!

  4. Happy birthday to the charming comedian! *GRIN*

  5. Nice of him to pose for a birthday shot and let it be posted on your blog!
    Have a happy birthday.

    Who doesn't like birthday cake? What about a DQ ice cream cake?

  6. Booklogged: Thanks!

    Chris: He is up to The Empire Strikes Back... I haven't even seen the Star Wars Christmas Special!

    Pat: Oh, you are right, I should get tickets for Wolverine, too! If I have them, he can't really say no! Now to figure out when that will work...

    Alice: lol You are newish reading this blog, so probably new to my great nickname for him. haha

    Raidergirl: lol That's great! As to the cake, he is allergic to chocolate... I'll find something cake-like before the day is done. Last year I bought a cheesecake at the Price Club but I haven't renewed my membership... That would be an expensive cheesecake!

  7. Hope you both enjoyed!!!

    But I must say I'm flabbergasted! I can almost understand his not liking cake, but you're not liking icing...well, I find that incomprehensible! ;)

    Actually, my husband doesn't like cake much either, so I usually make him a key lime pie or a cheesecake.

  8. Anonymous3:48 AM

    I know I'm running in a day late (er, by my computer count anyway), but I do hope the comedian's had a wonderful birthday! ^-^

  9. Oops a bit late but happy birthday to Mr. Charming Comedian!

  10. Thanks everyone! He had a good birthday and I bought him a cheesecake! lol

  11. Happy belated birthday to CC! Hope you both had a fun day! Yumm cheesecake - much better than cake anyday :D

    Allergic to chocolate?! How sad, but also kinda unique. Don't think I've ever heard of someone with that allergy.

  12. Joanne: Yeah, I don't really know how it works. He is allergic to a lot of things, but I am not sure if it is so much an allergy as being really sensitive to stuff. It works for me, though. There is never any chocolate in the house because he loves it, and I feel bad eating it in front of him!


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