Thursday, May 28, 2009

Movies Watched & Looking Forward To ... A Thursday Thirteen

Okay, so I haven't had time to watch thirteen movies in a week, but I figure I should still talk about what I have watched.

1. Resident Evil - I had seen this one before, but rewatched it with plans to watch the two sequels. That plan was not successful, yet, but we will see! Not one of my favourite movies, but there is enough action to keep viewers interested. It has a decent storyline, too. I was also happy to see the guy that played Marc Antony in the television series Rome. I am told that the female lead in this movie is very watchable, too, but that's not something that I really pay attention to!

2. Monsters vs. Aliens - Nothing too amazing. Decent cast, though. Reese Witherspoon voices the female lead. The sort of movie that you will watch once, laugh a bit, and then never have to watch again...

3. Twilight - Okay, so I finally watched Twilight. The cc had seen it before, so I figured if he had seen it, I should get around to watching it. It was okay. I was not very enthused by the casting. Bella was her usual annoying self. She got that part right! I was hoping for more Alice. I hope that they take that into consideration for future movies! The special effects were so corny, but I hear they have a different director for the next one. Let us hope that makes a difference!

4. Swing Kids - This is such a great movie! I watched it for the first time years ago, and I was determined to watch it again! Set during the second world war, it is about the youth that danced on in Germany, even though it was illegal. I had forgotten the casting, so I was very happy to find out that the main character is off of House (he plays Dr. Wilson). I was a little worried I wouldn't like this movie as much this time, but I did! There is so much going on in this movie. Oh, and Noah Wyle (from ER fame) has a small role! I had forgotten that, too. Christian Bale is the other actor that I easily recognized, but there were others.

5. Silent Running - The cc wanted to watch this one. It's an old science-fiction movie. I have to say it was really interesting. It's about saving the rainforests, essentially, before the environmental groups of this generation started to concentrate on it. The robots are cute, too.

6. Bedtime Stories - I have to admit I watched this because of the title. It just sounds like a movie that would work for me. It was good. It had its funny parts. I liked the basic idea behind it, too. I will never have to watch it again, though. I am going to be killed, but I am just not a huge Adam Sandler fan...

7. Band of Brothers Mini-Series - Not something I have watched, but something I want to watch. I finally have opportunity. I mean, there are only ten episodes and for years it has cost almost 80 bucks to watch this. I have seen parts here and there, but I largely missed the series when it was on television. I am very excited to finally watch this!

8. North & South - I mean the mini-series staring Patrick Swayze that is set during the American Civil War. When I was a kid, my parents taped this on old VHS tapes, and I would sneak them and watch them. I actually still have the old VHS tapes, but I want to watch them on DVD. Its been a few years since I have seen any of the series. I have been eyeing it since it came out on DVD, so I am happy to finally have a chance to watch! (It's another series that was really expensive to watch!)

9. The Tudors - This is a television series that I have had in my hands several times at the store, but I always put it back down. It looks good, but I don't want to start watching in the middle, so I have hopes of finally watching it straight through. I hope I enjoy it. I know lots of people that do, and we usually have similar interests!

10. North & South - Based on the Elizabeth Gaskell novel, this is a movie that Kristie from Rambling on Romance thinks everyone should watch. I am finally hoping to do so! I will have to write an actual review when the time comes, though.

11. The Godfather Trilogy - Would you believe that I can only remember watching the first movie in the trilogy? I don't think I ever watched the rest... I think this is likely going to be the next trilogy we tackle. We have to finish Resident Evil first, though.

12. The Alien Movies - Last year I watched all the Predator movies, including the Alien vs Predator one. This year, I told the cc we are going to have to watch the Alien movies because I am not sure if I have ever seen them!

13. The Star Trek movies - Thanks to the wonder that is the bargain bin at Wal-Mart, we now have all the Star Trek movies between the two of us. I predict a Star Trek marathon in the not so distant future! By the time we are finished, the new one should be out on DVD!

What about everyone else? What movies have you watched lately? Are there any that you are looking forward to? Are there any that you think I should watch before my new interest in movie watching fizzles?


  1. You have some good movies on there. I loved The North and the South. Read the books and then immediately fell in love with Patrick Swayze!! Band of Brothers was fantastic...very riveting!! My son made me watch the Resident Evil movies and I admit it...I liked them!

  2. I love Twilight and I think Alice was well casted. The rest of the movies sound very good!

  3. Staci: It is embarrassing to admit how long John Jakes' books have been on my TBR pile! I really want to read them, but just never seem to get around to them! I am looking forward to that, Band of Brothers and finishing the Resident Evil movies.

    Alice: I thought Alice was well-casted, too. I actually like the supporting cast more than the main one, but that's just because I liked the supporting cast better in the books...

  4. I quite enjoyed the Twilight movie too. For me, as a Brit, I think I loved the Washington state scenery as much as anything. :-)

    I watched the movie of Inkheart on dvd recently. I think I liked the movie better than the book.

  5. Can I second (or third or fourth) the recommendation for North and South. I just watched it a couple of weeks ago, and absolutely loved it. Best. movie. ending. (Maybe not ever.) Anyway, hope you like it.

  6. The only thing I've watched is The Godfather :nope: And I'm not an Adam Sandler fan either :P

  7. Cath: The scenery was amazing, huh? I did enjoy that aspect. It's been too long since I read Inkheart to really compare the book to the movie.

    Melissa: I am looking forward to watching North & South. Thanks for recommending it!

    Ana: The Godfather movies are what the cc wants to watch next. :)


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