Monday, June 01, 2009

Music Monday - Guest Post: Top 5 Albums Discovered in the Last 6 Months

Today's Music Munday is by Vanessa from A Journey Through My Music Collection. Enjoy!

When Kelly asked me to write a guest post about my top 5 favourite albums of all time it initially seemed like an easy enough task. After all, I already know what number one is (Sister by Sonic Youth). But the other four? A lot harder, definitely. After much thought, deliberation and of course, procrastination I’ve come up with a list of sorts. And like the Charming Comedian before me, I simply cannot come up with a cut and dry top 5. After all, I own over 500 albums! While the C.C. stuck to greatest hits albums I will take it in an altogether different direction as well. The following is not my top 5 ever but my top 5 albums I’ve discovered in the last 6 months.

In no particular order:

Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes (2008)

I only ended up originally hearing this one because it was’s number one album of 2008 and I decided to check it out. As it turns out, I ended up really loving it. So I guess every once in awhile it pays to listen to the guys and gals at Pitchfork (I kid). What I like about it is that it really doesn’t sound like anything else out there right now. It’s got a unique folky feel that is quirky but not cheesy. The songs on it range from catchy and anthemic to a gorgeous melancholy. I’ve heard they have a new album coming out in the next while, I can’t wait!

Faith/Void – Split LP (1985)

This album is a release from the original hardcore punk movement (one of my favourite genres). This split LP features two different bands for each half (or a side of a record back in the olden days). While I do like the Void half slightly better, both halves come together to make an amazing 30 minutes of ear-crunching hardcore. Which I admit is not every one’s cup of tea but it makes me happy.

Lady Gaga – The Fame (2008)

Well this is definitely nothing at all like the previous album but still I can’t get enough of it these days. What I like about her is her unique style and her insanely catchy songs. I can find a new favourite song on this album every week and it’s great for my daily bus commute. Whether or not it will stand the test of time as something I like forever remains to be seen, but for right now it’s a sweet, sweet sugar rush.

Uncle Tupelo – No Depression (1990)

Why I never discovered these guys sooner is beyond me. This album is the definition of alt(ernative) country. It’s got an awesome rootsy country sort of feel but doesn’t sound what most people picture country sounding like (aka pop country). I pretty much fell in love on first listen and can see this album finding a place on my top albums ever.

Die Kreuzen - Die Kreuzen (1984)

Die Kreuzen is another band to come out of the 80s hardcore punk scene but they take the sound in a whole different direction. Even here on the first album (which is their most “hardcore” album) you can hear that they aren’t interested in sticking to the usual formula and want to branch out into different sounds. One of the things I like the best about them is Dan Kubinski’s unique vocals which sound like nothing I’ve really heard before.


  1. Well this was a lot of fun!! I really like these guest posts Kelly...only question is...who did this one?! lol.

  2. Hey Kailana, I have an award for you here.

    Btw, I just saw you're at 153 books for the year. Wow! People keep saying *I* read fast! You're at about double my rate. :D

  3. The Fleet Foxes are awesome! And I love Wilco, so I really ought to listen to Uncle Tupelo too.

  4. I like the Fleet Foxes. I have to listen more to the others!

  5. I discovered Fleet Foxes early this year and love 'em. I posted a review on my blog here, if you're interested. Thanks for all the other recommendations. Off to listen...


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