Sunday, June 14, 2009

Random Conversation

My cellphone rings, niceties ensue...

CC: I forgot to tell you, I bought a really cool knife.

Me: Uh, okay...

CC: (Big long story about the reasoning behind said knife, price, etc)

Me: That's great! (Totally was not listening)

CC: Oh, and I also bought a new chair for in front of the computer.

Me: Well, I hope it works better than the previous one that you bought. (Holding back laughter)

CC: (Big long story on why this chair is better than the previous one and how much money he saved.) So, when you get home be sure and look at the knife on the stove.

Fast forward to me getting home...

He bought a new stove... Did you see that coming? And, he really did buy a knife... But, I have to admit, I just sort of looked at the stove for about two minutes before I knew what to say. I was gone for like six hours and he went on a shopping spree.

Oh, but, I do really like the stove. Even though the first time I used it I almost burned the house down... We don't need to know about that, though.

I hadn't told a random story in a while.


  1. You almost burned down the house? =) LOL! I love random stories.

  2. I totally love that he told you about the knife but not the stove. That's priceless. And I hope you tell the story about almost burning done the house some day. Bet it's funny.


  3. Haha that's classic! My guy got one of those super-rambo-style MacGyver knives - now when I need something cut and ask where the scissors are he's all "Wait! Let me use my sparkly new knife!"

    Don't feel bad about the burning the house down thing, I did the same when we got a new stove :)

  4. The new stove isn't really clear on where it is pointing... I just turned the wrong burner on, when I meant to turn the other burner down.

  5. That is so neat, Kelly! I wish my husband would think to do something like that. At least for something I wouldn't want to have a say in. LOL Like the oven. Or a new refrigerator. Of course, since we'll probably be moving in the next 2-4 years, that might not be such a smart idea.

  6. wow that is really random! congrats on the cool new appliances

  7. That was definitely worth the wait. My husband is constantly trying to burn our house down. He is truly scary.

  8. lol, Bookfool, I apparently am trying to burn the house down, too. I can't multi-task and cook it seems...

  9. Great random story :) Try not to burn the house down next time though...


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