Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Many Have You Read - Can Lit

1. Alice Munro – Lives of Girls and Women X (Not a big Munro fan because she is essentially short story collections.)
2. Timothy Findley – The Wars or Not Wanted on the Voyage X
3. Mordecai Richler – The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz X (Don't like this book)
4. Martha Ostenso – Wild GeeseX (Pretty good book)
5. Nino Ricci – Lives of the Saints (Own. Haven't read yet)
6. Adele Wiseman – Crackpot (Never heard of it.)
7. Gabrielle Roy – The Tin Flute (Own it, haven't read)
8. Lawrence Hill – The Book of Negroes (Same)
9. Jane Urqhart – The Stone Carvers (Same)
10. W.O Mitchell - Who Has Seen the Wind (Same)
11. Elizabeth Hay – Student of Weather (Read Late Nights on Air...)
12. Rohinton Mistry – A Fine Balance (Have owned forever and not read)
13. M.G. Vassanji – Book of Secrets (Own)
14. David Adams Richards – Mercy Among the ChildrenX (Really good book & author!)
15. Michael Ondaatje – The English Patient (Only novel by him I haven't read yet)
16. Margaret Atwood – The Handmaid’s Tale or Alias Grace X (Loved The Handmaid's Tale)
17. Margaret Laurence – The Diviners or The Stone Angel X (Not a big fan...)
18. Robertson Davies – Fifth Business (Don't even own anything by him, weird)
19. Mary Lawson – Crow LakeX (Love her!)
20. Carol Shields – Swann: A Mystery or The Stone DiariesX (Read all of her books)
21. Marion Engel – Bear (Haven't got around to yet)
22. Farley Mowat – Never Cry Wolf (N0t sure if he is my sort of author)
23. Douglas Coupland – Generation X X (Read most of his books)
24. Joan Clark – An Audience of Chairs X (Good book)
25. Lori Lansens – The GirlsX (Another good book!)
26. Alistar Macleod – The Lost Salt Gift of Blood (I have other books by him, but haven't read)
27. Stephen Leacock – Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town X (Pretty good book)
28. Barbara Gowdy – Falling Angels (Only book I haven't read by her yet)
29. Richard B. Wright – Clara CallanX (One of my favourites)
30. Ann-Marie MacDonald – Fall On Your KneesX (Really good book)
31. Guy Vanderhaeghe – The Englishman’s Boy (Own, but haven't read yet)
32. Joy Kogawa - Obasan (Same)
33. Anne Hebert - Kamouraska (Never even heard of it before)
34. Thomas King – Green Grass, Running WaterX (Loved this book!)
35. Wayson Choy – The Jade Peony (Never read...)
36. Miriam Toews – A Complicated KindnessX (Good author)
37. Camilla Gibb – Sweetness in the Belly (Been meaning to read forever!)
38. Vincent Lam – Bloodletting and Miraculous CuresX (Really liked this)
39. Sinclair Ross – As For Me and My House (Should read this...)
40. Joseph Boyden - Three Day RoadX (Another really good book)
41. Austin Clarke – The Polished Hoe (Been meaing to read forever)
42. Tomson Highway – Dry Lips Ought to Move to Kapuskasing X
43. Louis Hemon – Maria Chapdelaine (Never heard of it)
44. Michel Tremblay – Les belles-soeurs (play) (Same)
45. Hugh McLennan – Two Solitudes (Read Barometer Rising. Good book)
46. Ringuet – Thirty AcresX (Hardly even remember what this was about...)
47. Elizabeth Smart – By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept (Haven't read)
48. Sharon Pollock – Blood Relations (play) (Same)
49. Dionne Brand – In Another Place, Not Here (Same)
50. Donna Morrissey – Kit’s LawX (Love Morrissey. Read all of her books)
51. Guy Gavriel Kay – The Fionavar Tapestry (I own this and really should read it...)
52. L.M. Montgomery – Anne of Green Gables X (One of my favourite authors)
53. E. Annie Proulx – The Shipping News (Another book I have been meaning to read)
54. Morley Callaghan – They Shall Inherit the Earth (Haven't got to Callaghan yet)
55. Roch Carrier – La Guerre, Yes Sir! (never heard of it)
56. Mavis Gallant – Across the Bridge (I own it, but haven't read)
57. Jack Hodgins – Broken Grounds (I have almost bought this book so many time and haven't)
58. Rudy Wiebe – The Temptations of Big Bear (Own it)
59. Neil Bissoondath – Digging Up the Mountains (Never heard of it)
60. Marie-Claire Blais – Mad Shadows (Same)
61. Frances Brooke – The History of Emily Montague (Same)
62. Fredrick Philip Grove – Settlers of the Marsh (Same)
63. Kristjana Gunnars – The Prowler (Same)
64. Patrick Lane – Red Dog, Red Dog (Own it)
65. Sandra Birdsell – The Russlander (Own it)
66. Anne Michaels – Fugitive PiecesX (Very alone, but I really didn't like this book!)
67. Amy McKay – The Birth HouseX (Really good book)
68. David Bergen – The Time In BetweenX (Didn't like this one either)
69. Yann Martel – Life of Pi (Haven't got to it yet, but have owned it forever)
70. Gil Adamson – The Outlander (Same)
71. W. P. Kinsella – Shoeless JoeX (Read this years ago)
72. Robert Kroetsch - Badlands (Never heard of it)
73. Andrew Pyper – Lost Girls (Been meaning to read this)
74. Helen Weinzweig – Basic Black with Pearls (Never heard of it)
75. Antonine Maillet – Pelagie (Own it, haven't read)


  1. Could never get into Shields or Munro either (although Munro writes some pretty good short stories). Loved Handmaid's Tale as well and totally recommend Wilderness Tips and The Life of Pi was really good so that's another to read! Away from Urquehart is amazing as well and totally agree with you on Duddy Kravitz -hated it!!

  2. Adele Wiseman's Crackpot is an amazing book. I recommend it highly. I was hoping that the biography of Wiseman that came out a couple of years ago would raise her profile a bit, but alas she's still not nearly as well known as she ought to be.

  3. This is a great list! I read and really enjoyed The Handmaid's Tale and have always been meaning to read another book by Atwood.

  4. I love Life of Pi! Handmaid's Tale is in my TBR...

  5. I've only read a pitiful 15, but I do have several others in my TBR pile waiting to be read, and in a few cases I've read the author but not the book listed here. So many great Canadian books out there!

  6. Where did you get this list from? I love that it's Canadian! and it's not too shameful for me - I'm going to post on it this week - but there's alot I haven't even heard of, too! At least Guy Gavriel Kay made it, even if Charles de Lint and Tanya Huff didn't, or Louise Penny.


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