Monday, July 20, 2009

Music Munday - Sons of Maxwell

After the events of the last couple weeks surrounding 'Sons of Maxwell', I decided to look at their 'real' music videos this week. They are making quite a splash at the moment, but they are really just a bunch of guys from Nova Scotia. So, I think they should be known for who they 'really' are, too. Enjoy!

I like this video... Mainly for their costumes. I am such a history nerd! And, yes, they are wearing kilts. I like kilts as long as the people wearing them are not playing bagpipes. I have heard bagpipes too many times over the years...

A song that a lot of bands have done, but it's a fun song:


  1. Yay Sons of Maxwell! What fun!!

    The Scottish coming out in me, but I love men who wear kilts. :) :) :)

  2. Tell My Ma: Required at every Cape Breton wedding reception that and Marie's Wedding.

  3. I often marvel and the way coincidences work. Entirely because of the fall-like weather here I have had Irish and Scottish musicians on the brain. I was just looking over an old post of mine today and listening to music.

    So wonderful to come over here and discover this. These are great. I especially like Queen of Argyle and plan to leave here after commenting to go add it to a playlist on Youtube!

  4. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Ooooooh. I must get me a cd by them sometime.

    The amusing thing (to me) is that Dave Carroll kind of reminds me of my music teacher in secondary school in some of the shots in Queen of Argyle clip.

    And they're just having so much fun with that second song, aren't they?

  5. Court: I love men who wear kilts, too. :) I love Sons of Maxwell!

    Chris: I know what you mean! Good ole Cape Breton music.

    Carl: I am glad you enjoyed them. :)

    libritouches: I need to buy a CD by them. I really like Queen of Argyle. It's my favourite.

  6. Queen of Argyle is my favorite SoM song!

    No such thing as too much bagpipes ;) Especially when the pipes and drums guys drink a little too much and start improvising!


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