Monday, July 13, 2009

Music Mundays Guest Post

When Kailana asked me to write a guest post for her, I was more than happy to!

Then she told me she wanted a Music Munday post.

And there I gave pause. I told her, you’re crazy; I’m the absolute worst person to write a Music Munday post. Munday could be Mundane as far as my taste in music is concerned. For, you see, I have a very mundane taste in music. I’ve tried to branch out, but the ONLY stuff I seem to like are Top 20 bands. Top 20 ROCK bands. I AM the one who needs a musical tutorial. But then she said “frankly, it would be nice to have something a bit mainstream….”

So here I am.

I have a musical background. I grew up with singing in my family. I took piano lesions for years. I played many instruments in my school band including alto sax (my fave!), clarinet, tenor sax, baritone sax and even a little flute. I play hand bells at church and used to sing in the choir. I even contemplated a career in music; but the actual practice of ‘practicing’ was my downfall. Anyway, I have a musical background.

Yet I do no have a cultured taste in music.

I’m not sure if’s my mood lately or something going on deeper, but I’ve been attracted to a lot of rocking music lately. Grinding guitars, bone-deep throbbing drum beats, heart-skipping bass lines…oh I am so there. The ones that really get me are the ones who have that lovely little piano melody thrilling in the background…perfection. So here, to my eternal embarrassment is some of the music I’ve been enjoying lately:

Seether is a hit or miss band for me. The songs I love, I LOVE; the songs I hate, I HATE; there isn’t much middle ground. And now, they have released a cover of George Michael’s song CARELESS WHISPER and I just can’t seem to take it off repeat. I have listened to it so much; my daughter has learned some of the words. But it’s just so GOOD.

I Don’t Care by Apocalypica, who I am actually not too embarrassed to say I like very much, because they are a cool band, even by my mediocre standards. Apocalypica is a band from Finland, which is made up of classically trained cellists. Their music features all kinds of different influences; classical music, neo-classical music, metal, thrash metal, symphonic metal, etc, etc, it just kicks butt. And I Don’t Care, with guest singer Adam Gontier from Three Days Grace kicks major butt. Since embedding on the real video has been removed from YouTube, here is another. Just listen to the song ;)

The entire CD, Sounds of Madness, by Shinedown is just awesome. My favorite songs at the moment are "Sounds of Madness," "Call Me," and "Second Chance." "Second Chance" is the only one with a video at the moment. And the video makes me laugh because it reminds me of the trailer for a ridiculously horrible movie (at least it looks like it, I haven’t actually SEEN it, nor do I plan to) C ME DANCE. You should totally look that up.

And actually, I found a video for Call Me on YouTube. I just love this song, I love any song with just piano, a few strings, and a good singer. The video is just the song and the lyrics.

And lastly, anything by Alter Bridge. Alter Bridge is a band comprised of most of the members of the band Creed (the good parts of Creed, IMO) with lead singer Myles Kennedy. At first, I was resistant to liking this band but my husband loves (LOVES) them and I finally caught on. Their songs Watch Over You and Open Your Eyes are my faves.

So there you have it; what I’m jamming to this summer. Now it’s your turn. Educate me. What should I be listening to?


  1. I don't think you need to be educated. You are doing what a lot of people don't actually do and that is listening to the music YOU enjoy. Too many people fall into the trap of thinking they have to listen to the "right" music and deny themselves of what they actually like. In my mind music is a very personal thing and I think that you always listen to what you really enjoy, other people's opinions be damned!

    But that's just my 2 cents. :)

    I heart music mundays!

  2. Thank you for that Vanessa. Sometimes I forget that. I pride myself on not being a book snob, perhaps it's time to feel the same way about my musical tastes!!

  3. "Cultured" tastes are overrated anyway! I find that music snobbery is even more common than book snobbery, which is a pity. Very nice post, Heather. As for a recommendation, I'm currently in love with Regina Spektor's new album, so I'll go with that!

  4. I think you've got awesome taste in music! My music crosses over hundreds of genres, but when I just want to relax I listen to our local rock station and they play all stuff like this mixed with some classic rock.

    Oh and I'm giddy with fan-girl glee that you posted about Apocalyptica! I love that song but could never think of the bands name \m/

  5. I adore Apocalypica and I Don't Care is my very favourite song by them although my husband prefers I'm Not Jesus which is also excellent. If you get the chance go and see they live, they are amazing!


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