Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sunday Book Coveting... Another Library Overload

Okay, these books are all due back to the library on the 9th. I might be able to renew some of them, but this is the last of the books from me hitting 'renew all' instead of 'renew selected'.

Tender morsels by Lanagan, Margo - Nymeth's favourite of the year so far, really have to read!
Exodus by Bertagna, Julie
Grim Tuesday by Nix, Garth - Continuing on with series.
Orphans of chaos by Wright, John C.
The secret hour by Westerfeld, Scott - Stalled on reading him, need to get back into it.
The wee free men : a story of Discworld by Pratchett, Terry - Buddy read
Powers by Le Guin, Ursula K. - Last book in trilogy
Dragon slippers by George, Jessica Day
Off with their heads! : fairy tales and the culture of childhood by Tatar, Maria
The language of the night : essays on fantasy and science fiction by Le Guin, Ursula K.
The Queen of Attolia by Turner, Megan Whalen - Continuing on with series
The fox woman by Johnson, Kij - Made Nymeth's Top Ten of the year so far

So, 12 books... Wonder how I will make out?


  1. Kailana,
    You're not alone!! I have 6 books that are due by 7/9, so this weekend I've been on a mission to get them read. 2 down 4 to go...wish me luck!! I can't renew them but I don't want to return them without getting them read!!! Good luck with your 12!!!

  2. I'm in the same camp as you. I have 14 books due Tuesday, so I'm going to have to hit the "renew all" button to keep those a little bit longer. Let me know when you start Tender Morsels. I'll try to start it with you.

  3. Same camp here, Kailana!

  4. Staci: Well, in the end... I just renewed them. lol

    Vasilly: Tender Morsels is due back on the 29th now. So, sometime before that I really should read it.

    Alice: I am glad I am not alone!


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