Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Friends - BBAW Edition

On Monday, the activity was to talk about your favourite blogs that did not make the short list. I wasn't going to participate because I find it really hard to narrow things down, but I have been meaning to bring this feature back for a while. I decided to combine the two and just post late. Some of the blogs I list were nominated for BBAW, but that's okay.

These are my top 50 blogs. I read 294 blogs all together (and counting) and I honestly cannot list all of them. So, I decided to go with fifty.

3M from 1 More Chapter

Rachel from A Fair Substitute for Heaven

Heather from A High and Hidden Place: Tales of a Capricious Reader

Lesley from A Life in Books

Booklogged from A Reader's Journal

Raidergirl from An Adventure in Reading

Nicola from Back to Books

Darren from Bart's Bookshelf

Cat from Beyond Books

Melissa from Book Nut

Joanne from The Book Zombie

Chris from Book-a-rama

Nancy from Bookfoolery and Babble

Iliana from Bookgirl's Nightstand

Aarti from BookLust

Darla D from Books & Other Thoughts

Lisa from Books Lists Life

Amanda from Bookwormom

Charlotte from Charlotte's Library

Clare from Confessions of a Book Addict

Debbie from Debbie's World of Books

Ex Libris

Fyrefly from Fyrefly's Book Blog

Deslily from Here, There, and Everywhere

Tanabata from In Spring it is the Dawn

Melanie from The Indextrious Reader

Suey from It's All About Books

Kate from Kate's Book Blog

Lesley from Lesley's Book Nook

Staci from Life in the Thumb

Melissa from Melissa's Bookshelf

Jen from The Movieholic & Bibiophile's Blog

Wendy from Musings of a Bookish Kitty

Deanna from My Tragic Right Hip

CJ from My Years of Reading Seriously

Debi from Nothing of Importance

Court from Once Upon a Bookshelf

Cath from Read Warbler

Marg from Reading Adventures

Renay from YA Fabulous

Rhinoa from Rhinoa's Ramblings

Karen from Sassymonkey Reads

Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings

Stephanie from Stephanie's Confessions of a Book-a-holic

Stephanie from Stephanie's Written Word

Chris from Stuff As Dreams Are Made On...

Daphne from Tanzanite's Shelf and Stuff

Ana from Things Mean a Lot

Amy from Thrifty Reader

Andi from Tripping Toward Lucidity

Leya from Wandeca Reads

Zeek from The Way I See It

SuziQoregon from Whimpulsive

Susan from You Can Never Have Too Many Books

Amanda from The Zen Leaf

Okay, this was meant to be my top 50, but I apparently can't count, so instead this is my top 55. I was musing over the list and it is an interesting assortment. Some of those blogs I have been reading for years, while others I just discovered this year! And, you know, limiting it was very hard. I feel bad because I left off a lot of really great blogs that I have been reading forever, but I had to be a bit harsh or I would be here all day! If you want to know why, just wait for future Friday Friends. Some of those blogs have all ready been mentioned, but others you will hear about in the future!


  1. OMG this post was EVIL Kelly! There are blogs that I haven't even heard of there :p

  2. I shall be clicking through all of these when I get home and over the weekend. Woohoo more time wasters!! ;)

    And thank you!!! :)

  3. Ooh, I made your list :)
    Thank you for the shout out. I read a lot of your Top 55 blogs and too but I see I've got a lot of discovering to do still :)

  4. Oh, wow, this is a dangerous list!! I'm going to have to save this post in my reader for when I have time to go hopping around to those that are new to me. Thanks for adding me to your favorites list, Kelly. You're one of my favorites, too, of course. :)

    I was just thinking about how much your blog has changed since your college days. Mine still looks the same (and the blogroll is totally outdated)!! I need to do something about that . . . maybe get you and Chris to come help me. Dum, dum de dum.

  5. Wow, I made your list? Thank you. You've got me listed in such wonderful company! :)

  6. Wow, that's a lot! I already follow many of them, but there are tons on there that I'm not familiar with.

  7. Thanks so much for including me on your list - I'm very honored and grateful for the mention!

  8. Thanks for the shout out!

  9. thanks for this! egads, I thought I knew and read a lot of book blogs but most all of these are NEW to me! Big world, this book blogging world. Ya' gotta love it!

  10. Hi Kelly! I see two familiar-to-me blogs in your list: Wendy and Rhinoa. Woot! :D

  11. Awwww, I'm totally on your list! :) How sweet! I'm going to have to go through the others that you've listed here that I don't know this weekend. (Just what I need, more blogs to subscribe to that I don't have time to read, lol!)

  12. Thank you so much, Kelly! You're in my top 50 too :D ( 5, really :P)

  13. Aw! You're on my top 50 too! I've got my Google Reader set up so that I'll read the best ones first.

  14. Aww, thanks for including me in the list! I'm familiar with a bunch of these and am honored to be in such good company. Now I'm off to explore those I haven't heard of!

  15. Kelly, you are obviously at the top of my blog reading list as well. So honored to have been included :-) And must go check out some of these other links...

    I am about to respond to your e-mail, too!

  16. Nice list! Most of them are already in my reader (thank god!) but I'm off to check out the handful that aren't. Thanks for including me!

  17. Ooh thanks for including me in the list! :)

  18. Thanks for including me on such a great list! It's nice to be listed with such great blogs.

    You're a daily stop for me!


  19. Love your list and I'm coming back to check out a lot of these!!!

  20. That must have taken you a long time to compile, Kelly, getting in all those links! I'm so glad that you consider me among your favorites. You are definitely among mine as well.

  21. Thank you for including me - and for letting me know via Twitter. :-) You have one of my favourite blogs too!

  22. Thanks for including me! I'm familiar with quite a few of the ones here but not all of them. I guess that means more blogs to discover. :)

  23. Another list of blogs to explore. Crud! I'm not sure my google reader can take anymore.

  24. Thank you so much for mentioning me!!

    And I'll also be sure to check out the ones you've mentioned that I'm not familiar with.

  25. I'm so lame! I've been swamped at work and busy at home and am just now finally getting through my very backlogged Google Reader.

    What a pleasant surprise to see my blog listed here.

    Thank you so much!!

  26. I just found this--thanks so much for including me! And in such good company, too.


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