Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week in Review and Sunday Book Coveting

Random Thoughts

It is the Sunday of the read-a-thon weekend! I really hope someone will be awake to read this post! The read-a-thon is always really fun. At some insane hour, though, I was talking to Nymeth about how disorganized I felt this year. I normally read and comment a lot more on blogs, but this year I honestly think I am getting to a point where I am blogged out. I read a lot of blogs and BBAW wasn't that long ago. I might be headed to one of my blogging breaks, but that is normal for this time of the year. It also could just be stress!

Or, it could be the fact that I was surrounded by such talent for cheering this year. I mean, Jill came up with the greatest comments EVER! I don't know if there is an award for best cheerleader, but if there is, she should win! Take this for an example, it is to the tune of 'Time Warp' from the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show:

It's astounding, time is fleeting
Reading takes its toll
But listen closely, not for very much longer
You've almost met the goal

I remember doing the Read-a-thon
During those moments when
The blackness would hit me and sleep would be calling
Let's do the readathon again...
Let's do the readathon again!

It's just a book in your hand
And then a flip of the page
With your eyes on the words
You let your mind engage
But it's the cheerleaders that really drive you insane,
Let's do the readathon again!

Your book is dreamy, or hot and steamy
It stars a banshee, or no one at all
It’s in another dimension, there’s no comprehension
Oh no, there’s none at all
With a bit of a page flip
You're suddenly on a space ship
And nothing can ever be the same
You're strung out on cookies, you sound like a Wookie
Let's do the readathon again!

Well I was strolling through the bookstore just havin’ a look
When what should I espy but my next book
It shook me up, it took me by surprise
It had a sale tag and Care gave it 5 pies.
It lured me in and I felt a change
Time meant nothing, never would again
Let's do the readathon again!

Isn't that the greatest thing ever? It could be the fact that it is 4 in the morning, but I love it!

Moving on! The read-a-thon is a bit bittersweet this year. The Hour 15 mini-challenge was all about remembering Dewey and I read some wonderful posts! Like I said yesterday, I knew who Dewey was, I read her blog and she read mine, but I would call us more acquaintances than friends. I do wish I had gotten to know her better, though! I do hope that whatever happens when you die; Dewey is aware of the lasting impact she has made in this blogging world!

Weekly Reads

I managed to finish 7 books this week. I almost wish I had read for the read-a-thon because it would have been nice to have read even more, but I am happy with what I did accomplish. It brings my total for the year to 322. I am extremely impressed with this number! I have read so many fantastic books this year. Actually, I would say my most common comment for the read-a-thon was saying something about the book someone was reading and how I had already read it and enjoyed it! I have read a lot of books...

The new Scott Westerfeld was a great read! It is hard to believe I hadn't read him before this year and now he is on my auto-buy list. This book had a great story, but it is also just really nice. The cover art both inside out was fantastic and it had excellent illustrations included inside. This is a book that will look very nice on my shelves! This is going to be a buddy read with Heather.

The new Margaret Atwood. This book was long-listed for the Giller, too, so it is another read for my Giller-a-thon. I have three more short-listed books to read for that, though, so I need to get to them before November 10. A review of this will be up on Tuesday as a buddy review with Chris from book-a-rama. It's our first buddy read together! (We were supposed to read another book last month, but I couldn't get into it.)

I have wanted to read this book since it first came out. I am so glad that I finally found the chance. A retelling of a classic fairy tale done quite well. Juliet Marillier has also retold that same fairy tale. I read her book a couple years ago. This book wasn't anything ground-breaking for the retelling, but it was fun.

I don't know what to think about this book. On the one hand it was fascinating because I am no scientist, but I even thought the main one presented in this book was very, very wrong. He really thought if it was done from an early age a boy could be raised as a girl and honestly think that they are a girl. I don't! Anyway, I actually ended up having a big discussion with the cc about this book. I think that is why I read non-fiction, actually, because even though very few of my friends read I can always find someone interested enough in the topic I am reading about to discuss it with me. Other times I found that I got really bogged down with information, though, and I will admit that I hardly read a chapter because I found it the same thing that had been said before and not that interesting at all anymore.

This book is a testament to my young adult reading for this year. I have read almost all of the authors presented in this book before! Before this year, I had read one (Libba Bray). 2009 was very much the year of young adult for me. The collection starts off with a guy and a girl at a convention. One is a klingon on and the other is a Jedi. They wake up in bed together, which is not really 'allowed', so it is fun to see what happens next. I have to bring this back to the library because someone wants it, so I need to figure out a review and will hopefully post it this week.

Another enjoyable book in this series. I think I said before that I will probably just talk about the series in one post after I see how far I read into this year. This is the fourth book and I am going to put the fifth book on hold at some point today.

I read this book because Sassymonkey posted a list of library books that she didn't think she was going to be able to get to. This book was on the list and I thought it looked really good, so I requested it from the library. I have had it out for a while, so I am glad that I finally read it. Written in lyrical form it is a very effective look at the power of having a voice.

As for what I am reading now... I am supposed to be reading a book by Sara Douglass for a buddy read. I have entirely misplaced the book, though, so I am way late on that one! Then, I am supposed to be reading a book by Jennifer Fallon, but I haven't started it yet. Oh, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I am supposed to be reading that, too. What am I actually reading? I started Generation A by Douglas Coupland last night and have been listening to Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer on audio in my car. The narrator is fantastic!

Weekly Posts

Guest Post: Music Munday: Reading and Writing
Review: Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman
Review: The Blue Notebook by James A. Levine
Review: The City & the City by China Mieville
24-Hour Read-a-thon Post: Though the Weather Outside is Frightful...
24-Hour Read-a-thon Post

Library Loot

The Man with the Golden Torc by Simon Green
Traveling with Pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd
Fruit by Brian Francis
The Man Who Loved Books Too Much by Allison Hoover Bartlett
Alice Munro: Writing her Lives: A Biography by Robert Thacker
Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown by Maud Hart Lovelace
What is the What by David Eggers
The Lace Makers of Glenmara by Heather Doran Barbieri
The Nymph and the Lamp by Thomas H. Raddall
Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
Note's From the Hyena's Belly by Nega Mezlekia

Sunday Book Coveting

From last weeks list: I have read Geektastic. I think Eucalyptus is going back to the library unread. I also read Princess of the Midnight Ball. The rest of the books I still want to read! I would love to read Libba Bray's book, Kelley Armstrong's book, Derek Landy's, and finish the Douglas Coupland this week. Since I own all of them, though, it is likely that won't happen... I also need to read the Giller-a-thon books I have left and then write up posts for all of them. See, I can really covet my own books because even if I own them, it doesn't mean I have time to read them!


  1. I'm awake and reading! Your comments on twitter through the night really helped Kelly. I understand your need for a blogging break. I'm backing off a bit in November, too, as well as pre-writing the majority of my posts.

  2. I didn't comment on a lot of blogs either because I wanted to read lots.

    Looking forward to Tuesday!

  3. I am so impressed by your total, not tiny books by any standard and you read 7! So glad you got to Because I am Furnitue, I am in love with that book.

  4. Shanra4:05 PM

    I'd say "I'm awake and reading!", but living half-way across the world, that might be cheating. ^-~

    I admit I haven't read any of the books you have this week, although "Geektastic" is on my wishlist and I think "Princess of the Midnight Ball" might be too. Can't recall as I have a few retellings on there.

    And I totally understand your need for a blogging break. I say - go for it if you'll feel better for it! ^-^ For me November will probably be about NaNoWriMo, so fewer books to read. I take my laptop to school, so maybe this is a good time to stop fearing it'll fall off my lap if I take it out for usage on the train... *sigh* I'm such a worrywart. I'll possibly inflict everyone with NaNo update posts, though. ^-~ I don't know yet. I do know having a larger group participating will help enormously. ^-^

  5. Kailana: I visited fewer blogs this year during the read-a-thon too. Thanks for coming by and cheering me on!!

  6. No wonder you feel a blogging break coming on...that post was worthy of several throughout the week!!! You've read so many good ones this past week!! I think I have to get my hands on Geektastic...that one is calling my name!

  7. I'm awake! Of course, I'm reading it later than when you posted it. :-)

    I put my drink in the freezer to cool it down faster and just realized I forgot about it. Now it's completely frozen. Oops.

    Back to your post! I am glad you enjoyed the read-a-thon. I skipped over most of the update posts that filled my Google Reader yesterday. I have to admit that was kind of nice. Since I wasn't participating, I was able to take a little computer break. :-)

    I am going to start on Lion of the Senet tonight. Don't feel pressured though. I'm a much slower reader than you. LOL Besides, there's not real set time line so when you get to it, is fine.

    I hope you have a great week, Kelly!

  8. You know, you can nominate your favorite cheerleader if you haven't already -- the 24hour readathon site tells you how.

    I think the readathon was great fun (even with a couple minor quirks)! but I've had to catch up on other things today because of yesterday, so I haven't read at all today!!

  9. Ooh Generation A. I can't wait for your thoughts on that one. I've been eyeing it up for the hubby since he has every Douglas Coupland book.

  10. I get burned out on blogging and blog-hopping, now and then. It's good to take time off. Last year, I took two weeks off for Christmas break and this year I'm going to mostly take off November for NaNoWriMo. I probably ought to mention that on my blog.

    I just recently read Westerfeld for the first time, too -- Uglies. And, yesterday I bought Pretties and Specials. Usually, I don't go rushing out to buy sequels, so that shows you how much I liked it.

  11. That's a REALLY good one by Jill! I'm very impressed.

    You've read some really interesting books during the week. That's super!

  12. I was amazed when I came across Jill's cheers!

    The most creative I could get at the end was well done, good job! LOL!

  13. 7 books in one week?! I'm in awe of you! My husband loves Scott Westerfeld's work, too.

  14. Wow! I'm impressed. Those weren't short books either, looks like you got some fantastic reading in this week.

  15. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Wow, what a great list of books. That would be a whole month for me.

  16. You've made me more hesitant to read As Nature Made Him. That's so neat about the Geektastic anthology and how it reflects your reading! :) I might try that one out! LOVE the cover of Because I am Furnture!

  17. Wow, great reading, Kelly! I am glad you got What is the What. Can't wait to discuss it with you :-)

  18. "It brings my total for the year to 322. I am extremely impressed with this number!"

    Ummmm...I'm extremely impressed too! As someone who won't even get to 100 books this year, I'm amazed, humbled and wowed. Whew!

    And I agree with you that Jill was one of the most creative and amusing cheerleaders ever! That song parody is funny anytime of the day -- not just at 4:00 am.

    thanks for taking time our of your busy schedule to stop by my blog to cheer me on. : )

  19. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Thank you so much for cheering me on during the read-a-thon. As a first-timer, I really appreciated the support!

  20. wow, that's a lot of information! :-) I'm curious to see what you think of the Larsson once you get to it, I didn't like it at all... And I didn't know about the new Margaret Atwood so thanks for the tip!

  21. I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging wide open. 322 books so far this year?!?! That's about 4 years of reading for me! Wowzer! This year my numbers suck. I've only finished 36. :( My annual average is somewhere around 80. Don't think I'll hit that this year.


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