Friday, December 31, 2010

The Best of 2010

Last year I listed the fifty best. Since I didn't read as much this year as last year, though, it is probably going to be less books. But, here are my favourites:

Favourite Graphic Novels:
Fables and Jack of Fables by Bill Willingham, etc.
Bone by Jeff Smith
The Unwritten Vol 1 - Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity by Mike Carey

Adult Novels (fantasy):
Silver Bourne by Patricia Briggs
Broken by Kelley Armstrong (The whole series, really.)
The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen
The Book of Flying by Keith Miller
Kingkiller Chronicle Day One: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
Soulless (An Alexia Tarabotti Novel, Book 1) by Gail Carriger

Adult Novels (historical fiction):
The Postmistress by Sarah Blake
The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley
The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick

Adult Novels (General):
Island Beneath the Sea by Isabel Allende
Named of the Dragon by Susanna Kearsley

Canadian Love:
Cool Water by Dianne Warren
The Mistress of Nothing by Kate Pullinger
The Gravesavers by Sheree Fitch

Non-fiction (essays):
Manhood for Amateurs by Michael Chabon
Maps and Legends by Michael Chabon

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: A Shocking Murder & the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective by Kate Summerscale
A Thousand Sisters: My Journey into the Worst Place on Earth to be a Woman by Lisa Shannon
Captivated: J.M. Barrie, the du Mauriers and the dark side of Neverland by Piers Dudgeon

Young Adult:
A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner
Luna by Julie Anne Peters
Lament: The Faerie Queen's Deception by Maggie Stiefvater
The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer

New Category - Classics:
Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson
The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins


  1. I'm glad you added the classics category! The wo of those I've read were wonderful!

  2. Great list! I have several on my list to read in 2011 - the Addison Allen (I loved Garden Spells and Sugar Queen this year) and The Postmistress coming up for a tour in a couple months when it comes out in paperback. Happy New Year, Kelly!

  3. There are so many books on your list that I want to read! Happy New Year!

  4. You read a lot of great books! Some I have read, many are on my tbr list.
    Happy New Year

  5. Wow, I've read so few of the same books as you this year! But those we share in terms of favorites are similar :-) I hope Whalen Turner comes out with another book soon..

  6. Looks like you got some great books read in 2010! I can't wait to read Soulless, it sounds great. And the Henrietta Lacks and the Mr Whicher are both part of my non-fiction plans for 2011, so many people liked them!

  7. as always, great lists!

    Happy New year! I hope it's a safe and healthy and happy year!

  8. Happy New Year!

    Love reading your reading list. I can't wait to read The Forgotten Garden and the Henrietta Lacks book. Everyone is raving about those.

    Hope you get to read lots of great books this year!

  9. I am glad you enjoyed Broken, Kelly. I really enjoy that series. I need to catch up one of these days! I'm about to read my first Patricia Briggs book. I can't wait.

    I hope to get to Skloot's book this next year if I can. I've heard such great things about it.

    I hope you have a great New Year and that you are more satisfied with your reading.

  10. Great picks!

    I read 95 books, not bad, considering I was in a reading slump for more than four months.

    Happy New Year to you and your family. Have a great reading year in 2011!!!

    Here are my Best Reads of 2010

  11. I haven't read any of these, but a few are on my to-read list. Wishing you a great reading year in 2011!

  12. Amanda: Well, I always like classics, but I just don't read enough of them...

    Carrie: I hope you enjoy the books when you get to them!

    Vasilly: I hope you enjoy them when you get to them!

    bookmagic: They were pretty great. :)

    Brooke: You have a lot to look forward to, then!

    Aarti: I had a weird reading year...

    joanna: I hope you enjoy them. I am looking forward to reading the sequel to Soulless.

    Pat: Thanks!

    Iliana: I hope you enjoy both of them!

    Literary Feline: Yay! Patricia Briggs!

    gautami: Thanks! Happy reading to you!

    Anna: I hope you enjoy them when you get to them. Happy reading!


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