Sunday, March 27, 2011

R.I.P Diana Wynne Jones...

I am only now circulating around the blogosphere and I just discovered that Diana Wynne Jones has passed away this weekend. I have loved her for years, having read Fire & Hemlock back in my university days, and loving it to the point where it remains one of my favourite books of all time. Then, in 2009 I decided that I really needed to dedicate some time to her books and read Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Air, and House of Many Ways.

I have also read Black Maria, but then I didn't really read her for a while. Currently, I have Charmed Life out from the library, so I will definitely be reading some Diana Wynne Jones in the next little while in memory of her. It's very sad because I have loved everything I have ever read by her and imagine I will continue to with more reading. The Once Upon a Time challenge is the perfect time to discover her for the first time, read a book by her that you loved, or read something by her you have always been meaning to read.

She will be missed!


  1. So, so sad. Fire and Hemlock is one of my favorite books of all time too -- I reread it at least once a year (usually twice!), along with oh so many of her other books. :(

  2. I plan to read a lot of her stuff for Once Upon A Time. I started THE LIVES OF CHRISTOPHER CHANT last night, and I've got three others out from the library. I'll get more once I finish those.

  3. Oh. My. I hadn't heard! She's one of my favourites, I've read a lot of her books. She will dearly be missed. May she rest in peace.

  4. My oldest son loved her books..she will be missed.

  5. If love from her fans could have kept her alive, she would have been immortal, right? I'm so glad that you're reading her books for the OUaT challenge!

  6. *Jenny: I keep meaning to reread and then never do!

    *Memory: As we have discussed in emails, I am trying to read more from her, too.

    *Nicola: It's very sad!

    *Staci: Thankfully she left a great legacy behind.

    *Kristen: So true!

  7. She will certainly be missed, but not forgotten.

  8. *jenclair: That is all an author can ever really inspire to. :)


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