Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My First Vlog!

I never imagined actually doing a vlog. If it doesn't upload I am considering it a sign I was never meant to do one. I don't mind video cameras as much as having my picture taken, but it is weird to sit here and talk to yourself. Also, once I decided to actually try and do one, I didn't know what to talk about... And, when I went to see what all the editing features were, it took me to a site where I guess I have to download things. I haven't got that far yet.

My main problem? Finding a time of day where I can do one and the windows are not reflected off my glasses...

But, here you are here Debi, Ana, Chris, and Heather... And whoever else remembers I said I would do one if Ana did. I may be slow, but I do eventually do what I say.


  1. Yay vlog!! I'm glad you finally got around to this Kelly. It was good to see you in person (or as close to 'in person' as one can get through the interwebs). :D

    I need to read something by Emma Donaghue but Room doesn't really appeal to me much. Maybe I should try Slammerkin at some point.

  2. Yay! I love your vlog, Kelly! The books look great. I read Kissing the Witch years ago, and from what I remember, it was good! I enjoyed it.

  3. yay! We totally forgive you for keeping us waiting for almost two years ;) And yay for PTerry co-reviews :D I have Slammersin on my tbr list, btw... between you and Heather saying it's amazing, I really should read it sooner rather than later.

  4. Thanks for vlogging! Love it and I think it turned out wonderfully :) Also, wow, that is a lot of books at once! And don't forget the Fairy Tale book ;) hehehe

  5. **Amanda: I enjoy vlogs, so I suppose it was about time I joined in. I might do another at some point... Maybe...

    Slammerkin was a really good book. I have Life Masks by her to read, too. It is historical fiction, so I am curious about it, too.

    **Andi: Thanks! I am looking forward to Kissing the Witch. :)

    **Ana: I didn't know it had been quite that long, but at least I FINALLY did it. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but still.... I LOVED Slammerkin! Marg from Intrepid Reader really liked it, too, if I remember correctly.

    **Amy: It was the Fairy Tale book that should be in the place of Outlander the second time. I knew I forgot something, but I couldn't remember which one it was...

  6. Ha! You caved!

    How is it that you haven't read Little Country? I read it years ago!
    Yay, for Pratchett and for rereading Outlander.

  7. **Marg: ha ha, well, I did promise to do one if Ana did and hers was apparently like 2 years ago now...

    I know. It was a book for groups that we met on in the first place, right?

  8. Yes, I think we read it either for Genre Stew or Books, Books and More Books.

  9. Blasphemer!!! Pluto is too a planet. I will not accept your lies!!! You Pluto haterz must go!!!

    Seriously though, you young folks that I hang around with online really need to start aging more, you make me feel old. Your kids, all of you! Kids!

    must stop shouting, must be old age and poor hearing.

    Anyway, this was really good and you certainly don't have any reason to want to take it down. I think you should do more. And I'm sorry I'm saying that since I know you don't want to.

    Lastly, I feel your pain re: the glasses and reflections.

  10. ***Marg: I knew it was one of those because I think Stephanie has read it, too.

    ***Carl: Well, if you want to argue then we can argue about Pluto. Pluto makes no sense to me! The 'moon' orbiting it is bigger than the planet. It is a giant block of ice in a location where there are lots and lots of objects. It is like picking a planet from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter...

    lol Yeah, I suppose I gave away my age with this. That usually means people think I am about 10 years younger than I am!

    Anyway, thanks. :) I am glad it went over well!

  11. KELLY!!! YOU ARE ADORABLE XD This made me so happy that I can't even tell you!! I hope this is the first of many vlogs to come :D

    SO excited about our buddy read of Donoghue...I have Slammerkin here! I really need to read that one!

    And er...I'm siding with you on the Pluto thing...sorry Carl :p though I have to admit that I was sad to see it go, lol

  12. Yeah, well when the aliens from Pluto eventually decide to come this way at least I can be confident that as a true believer I'll be kept alive.

    I'll probably be made their b*#@ch but still...

  13. You did a great job! You're a natural. When I did that one vlog that one time, I had to redo it several times because I kept laughing. I kept thinking about how weird it is talking to myself!

    Good luck with your reading!

  14. **Chris: lol We will start with one and go from there...

    Yay! Siding with me is always the way to go. :)

    **Carl: If something can live on Pluto, I would be a bit scared as to what to expect... Totally an episode of Star Trek in the making.

    **Chris: I know. I would get far in and then the silliness of sitting there talking to myself would make me stop and laugh... So, I would start over again...

  15. You did a great job - and it was fun to get to see and hear you. :) I really need to read Slammerkin. I did love Room, though. I also read Life Mask by her - good historical fiction, but looooooooooooooooong. I'm planning to listen to Shangri-La on audio soon.

  16. **Carrie: Thanks, Carrie! I bought Life Mask as soon as I finished Slammerkin and still haven't read it... I am looking forward to Shangri-La.

  17. Squee!!!!!! Coming out of fibro-induced blog hiding to let you know how happy I am to finally 'see' you! :) (And I've now added Slammerkin to my TBR list.)

    Also, I just read a fun little book by Neil deGrasse about the Pluto thing: Carl should read it! ;)

    Ok, back into hiding. Stupid pain.

  18. Very fun to see/hear you! Keep 'em coming!

  19. *squeal* I am so happy!!!! You sound so Canadian!!!! :D It is so great to finally see and hear you!!!! Plus, I totally love your glasses. I wish that type lens looked good on me. Not that I need glasses, I've just always kinda wanted them…I think I thought they'd make me look smarter. LOL

  20. **Eva: That's too bad you are 'in hiding', but thanks for stopping by anyway!!!! I feel special. :)

    **Suey: Thanks!

    **Heather: I was waiting for when someone pointed out my Canadian accent. lol I actually hate these glasses. I really want to get a different pair... My pair before were rather understated, so this was a big change! I have had glasses since the 9th grade. They apparently make me look older... Since no one believes how old I am half the time, I would hate to hear how old people think I am without them...

  21. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I love your vlog!! I may get around to do one at some point too =) I have been wanting to read Slammerkin and Room for some time now, they've been on my list forever...and Outlander....sheesh I always take one look at that on my shelf and run the other way. I don't know why it intimidates me so much!

  22. I'm a little late watching this and commenting but I think you did great with your vlog! I would feel so awkward if I were ever to do one (if I still had a because I would not know what to say. Case in point: remember that video we made in grade 10? Anyway I can't relate to this being the first time I saw you :P but good job all the same!

  23. Oh wow... I love watching people's vlogs, even though I could never do one myself. Thoroughly enjoyed yours, nice to *see* you. :-) And yes... you should really read The Little Country. I had a very strange personal connection to it which really freaked me out when I read it.

  24. I'm with Cath--I love watching people's vlogs, but I also couldn't do one--I'd get all tongue-tied and sound silly! I also read several books at once--it is a little slow, but isn't it nice being able to pick up a book that's in progress that fits the mood you happen to be in?

  25. **Kristina: Thanks!! Everyone should vlog at least once. It's fun to 'see' who is behind blogs. I always get excited when I see a vlog from someone. It's a bit of variety, too. I really liked Slammerkin, but Room wasn't necessarily my favourite book ever. I also really enjoyed Outlander, but have yet to read on in that series.

    **Vanessa: Thanks! I am good at rambling, but that is more my problem. Saying too much! I also felt awkward talking to myself.

    **Cath: It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be... I survived it anyway and haven't deleted it from my blog yet. :) I know I should read The Little Country, I have owned it forever! Just haven't got around to it yet...

    **Danielle: I never used to read a bunch at a time, but my reading has progressed that way lately. Sometimes that is just my mood. And, yes, it is great to be able to pick up something in progress and know it will suit you at that moment.

  26. I FINALLY watched it, and it was great! You're so cute, and you have so many delicious-looking books! I really want to read Greg Keyes too, though I'll have to start with the first one in that series. I have an e-book from when the publisher gave it away free, so I'll start that soon. I hope. And I'm so glad you're reading more of Robin Hobb. I <3 her. I want to reread the Farseer books this summer, at the very least.

  27. **Memory: Thanks! I am still not sure I will do another one... I love Robin Hobb, too! I hopefully will get through more of her books this year. :)

  28. So great to "meet" you via your vlog - you did a great job! Of course this means we'll expect more of these to come :)

    Enjoy your books and I'm going to look for the Emma Donoghue book you mentioned. I loved Slammerkin too and have been meaning to read another of her books. Would love to try this one before Room as I feel like I need all the buzz to die down for a bit before I get to it.

  29. Anonymous4:07 PM

    that was super, kelly! well done :D

    and it was so cool to see you. and to hear you!

    and i really liked seeing how enthusiastic you are about reading :) also, seeing all those books reminded me that i'd love to see what your bookshelves currently look like... :o

    i'd love to see more vlogs from you! and, as it happens, i recorded one myself this weekend. just have to sort out the uploading and all...

  30. You VLOGGED! I am so glad I was going through my Google Reader in more detail today to see this or I would have missed it! I completely agree with you about Slammerkin, it was fantastic. Did you read Life Mask by her? It's also excellent.

    I will still read Cavern of Black Ice with you if you want to, but maybe we can wait until after at least the next book comes out...

    LOVE the cover to the Valente book.

    Also, weirdly, I love your voice! I feel like since all your pictures on Facebook are old (I think), I always imagine as being super-young and now I can TELL that we are around the same age :-)

  31. **Iliana: Thanks! I am not sure if there will be more, but you never know.

    **JP: Thanks! I look forward to seeing what you do for yours. :)

    **Aarti: Yeah, video cameras are not as bad as regular pictures... I hate that... So, most of my pictures are older. I am pretty sure I am close to the same age as you.

    I haven't read Life Mask yet, but I really want to get around to it!

    I will look up J.V. Jones and see where the series stands. I was talking to a friend the other day and she said that there was another book due out, but she wasn't positive.

    ha ha, I am glad you like my voice. I am not crazy about it, but that's just me. :)

  32. Yay, a vlog! (Okay, I'm glad you gave me the heads up.) You did great. And that's an awesome TBR pile you have; many I'd like to read. Someday.

  33. Yay a VLOG! :D

    You did a great job, 'tis great to see and hear you! :D

  34. **Melissa: Thanks! Many of those I would like to read myself... lol

    **Darren: Thanks!


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