Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mail Woes

I am getting a bit frustrated lately. I purchased books for myself for my birthday. One arrived and the book had opened, so they resealed it by sticking the sticky stuff to the actual book! The receipt was no where to be found. I am a bit disgruntled that my personal information wound up some random location. Then, I waited two weeks for the final book to arrive. It said it had shipped, so I was getting a bit worried. It arrived yesterday... Damaged package. I am assuming that the book fell out entirely and they had to guess where it belonged. I also ordered The Way of Kings a couple months ago and that one came in a damaged package. The book was ripped and everything. It's discouraging.

I pay for books expecting as close to new as possible and I am not getting that lately. This is an on-going problem. It seems to me in this technological age the postal companies should be doing everything in their power to maintain customers. The fact that I keep receiving opened packages and damaged books is not good business. I would like to think I am not the only one having such rotten luck... Alternatively, in this technological age it should be possible to come up with packing material that can hold a book without ripping and falling apart.

Am I crazy for demanding more when I pay money for things? I don't feel like I am asking for a lot. I just want my books in a timely manner in a sealed package with no damage to the book. It sounds so simple!


  1. That stinks! I totally agree that if you're shelling out money on something, you should receive it in good condition.

    My postal carrier will stuff envelopes with books in them into my mailbox not caring whether she bends or rips things. I've also received packages so ripped that the post office has to put them in a plastic bag with a "sorry" message on it. Ticks me off!

  2. How frustrating!!!! It does sound simple, doesn't it? I hope you had a good birthday aside from this, though.

  3. Not crazy at all! I would send all of those back and demand refunds, and then buy them from another company!

  4. Anonymous2:30 PM

    How annoying! Of course, at least they got delivered. Sometimes my mail just kind of disappears.

  5. That does sound incredibly frustrating. You paid for a new item - you should receive a new item. I wish there was a better way to actually protest.

  6. Anonymous3:29 PM

    That sucks. Where do you order from. I always do amazon and I have never had a problem with them. Have you read The Way of Kings. I am reading it right now and love it.

  7. That is stinky as all get out. I've never gotten an open or damaged package--maybe your post office is just extra incompetent!

  8. I think we should be able to expect packages to arrive undamaged but, sadly, my experience is that damage is pretty common. I've had many go missing, as well. I think it has a lot to do with automation -- things get caught in the machinery. But, after three in a row, I'd start to wonder if it's the way they're being shipped if you're ordering from the same place, repeatedly.

  9. How annoying! I've had pretty good luck over the years, thankfully. Three problems in a row would certainly be worth looking into and complaining about!

  10. You are not crazy for demanding your books arrive to you in the right condition. I've had that problem before with the postal system here. I think you should go to your nearest post office and write a complaint. Something's going on.

  11. **Anna: I have had review copies arrive damaged, too, and that is not necessarily any less of a bad thing. I am just undecided on whether I want to order more books.

    Yes, that's what I am getting. Three books in the last little while in plastic bags because the package is so ripped the book would fall right out and probably did!

    **Michelle: My birthday is not until Monday, but thanks!

    **Amanda: I am in email discussions with them right now. I am hesitant to buy more from them at the moment.

    **carolsnotebook: I have had my mail disappear, too. One publishing company for a while there had to send me everything twice...

    **Meghan: I know! I have emailed the company and such, but this is just recent. I have many other damaged books over the years.

    **celawerdblog: In this instance it is Book Depository. I have had problems with Amazon in the past, too, so I just figure it is the mail more than the company. What they need is better packaging. And, yes, Way of Kings was one of my favourite reads of the year.

    **Charlotte: You are so lucky!

    **Bookfool: Yes, I am sure it is the machines, too. They need better packaging material... I know. I complained. I am very hesitant to order another book from them at the moment.

    **jenclair: I know! I couldn't believe it...

  12. **Vasilly: Yes, I should probably complain to the post office, too. So far I have just addressed the company I bought the books from.

  13. If course you're not asking too much! I don'r blame you for being aggravated...sending lots of hopeful thoughts your way :D

  14. :( That's so frustrating. I agree with Vasilly, you should talk to the post office. It could be that the postal workers in your area are being especially rough with the mail. I've ordered many things through the Book Depository, and they've always been well packaged.

  15. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Kelly I think you have every right to demand better service. Does your mail service know what's happening? You would think they would try to accommodate you if they knew how upsetting this is. I hope it gets better!!

  16. **animewookie: Thank you! The book that was damaged they are FINALLY sending me a new copy of.

    **Memory: Really? I hate that it is a 'me' problem. I will have to go to the post office tomorrow and complain. I was planning to anyway, but still, so annoying...

    **Kristina: Yes, they know what is happening. They keep putting the books in plastic bags...


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