Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What Are You Listening to Wednesday - Week 3

Debi at still with nothing of importance is doing this project where she had some of her favourite people send her lists of books she should read, movies she should watch, songs she should listen to, etc. I was sitting here drinking my coffee and I remembered that Ana had sent her a list of 50 songs and it was Wednesday. I live under a rock when it comes to music. I listen to music that has been out for 20 or 30 years most of the time, so stealing the list Ana sent to Debi seemed like a good idea. I figure I will try and listen to 5 songs off the list every week until I run out.

The songs for this week:
1. Vesuvius by Sufjan Stevens
2. Edward is Dedward by Emmy the Great
3. About Today by The National
4. Heads Roll Off by Frightened Rabbit
5. Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse

Of the five I had only really heard of Modest Mouse before, but I am pretty sure I have seen mention of a couple of the others. My first opinion of the songs is that I didn't really hate any of them. If they were on a CD I would listen to them with no problem. My favourite of the batch was 'Edward is Dedward', though. I am thinking I will have to explore Emmy the Great in more depth.

The song 'About Today' lead to me looking into a movie called The Warrior. There were comments on YouTube saying that the song and a scene in the movie were great. I am not sure when I will get around to said movie, but that's another thing I am usually behind with. The title makes me think the cc will like it, so we will go with that. The song has nice lyrics, but it didn't really excite me enough to explore the band more.

'Vesuvius' by Sufjan Stevens is catchy. I am thinking I will probably explore him a bit more, too. I really enjoy the covers to his CDs, their titles, and the names for his songs. He is creative in that sense at least. I am thinking it probably transports over to his music. I also see he has a Christmas CD.

Modest Mouse is the only one of the singers I can say with certainty I have actually heard of before. They are not a terrible band, but they have never really caused me to listen to them religiously either. 'Ocean Breathes Salty' was a good enough song, but not my favourite of the group.

Lastly, there was the song 'Heads Roll Off' by Frightened Rabbit. That is a very interesting name for a band, I have to say. I really liked the video I watched for this song. I liked the song, too, so it was an enjoyable experience. I am going to share video below, but I wanted to apologize because it has an advertisement before you can watch it. (I am actually listening to the song again while I write this and it is growing on me.)

I will probably listen to all 5 songs randomly during the next week and see what happens. I hope this post leads to some exploration of your own and I look forward to listening to the next 5 songs very soon!


  1. Gawd, I've never heard of any of those. My fav music tends to come from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. I feel *so* old! I'll come back and listen to those two later when I have a moment.

  2. I'm glad you didn't hate any of them :P And I'm very happy to hear you want to listen to more of Emmy's stuff!

  3. I'm there under the rock with you; it's classical, or music from my youth (70's 80's) for me. Surely there are new things to listen to?! I'm glad you've caught me up to date, with Ana's help.

  4. Did I see you tweeting about this? anyhoo, I need to go through the list, too. I'm under a non-music rock, too. I just can't remember the artists I think I like when I hear them and later it was "who again?" Just not a priority, I guess. I do love music, though. :)

  5. **Cath: Well, my music tastes are from an earlier time period myself. I am always behind on 'todays' music.

    **Nymeth: Me too! I am just sad that I can't find this song by Emmy easily. I want to put it on my player...

    **Bellezza: Well, with Ana's help I am hoping to continue to be a musical education. :)

    **Care: Yes, I was talking about it on Twitter. :) I am the same with you and music. I am pretty sure I had listened to Emmy before because of Ana and Chris, but I had forgotten all about her and was thinking she was a 'new-to-me' artist.

  6. I AM old (way past 40)and love music from earlier decades, but I LOVE Emmy the Great! I only discovered her a couple of months ago, but it was such an exciting and pleasing discovery for me.


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