Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What Are You Listening to Wednesday - Week 9

I was going to resume my music project, but I just haven't had a chance. You see, the guy is addicted to YouTube at the moment. He discovered some videos from the concert Night of the Prom which is held every year. We had never heard of it before. So, that's what I have been listening to for days now. I have to admit I haven't been very interested in my own music as I seek out a quiet place. The videos are really awesome, though, so I am going to share some with you instead of my regular posting. I hope you check them out and enjoy them as much as we have.
Night of the Proms is a series of concerts held yearly in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Poland. Regularly there are also shows in France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The concerts consist of a combination of pop music and popular classical music (often combined) and various well-known musicians and groups usually participate. (From Wikipedia)
This is the guys favourite of the lot. I have to admit it is pretty good, too.

I think that this video is really fun, so I enjoyed it immensely:

We both really like the Pointer Sisters:

I have to admit I have never really listened to this song that many times before, but I really enjoyed this video:

Another one that we both enjoy:

And, lastly, the reason we started this musical journey in the first place was a conversation about how at least one of the members of Cutting Crew was Canadian:

There are so many more to explore, though. I strongly suggest that you do so and then share your experiences. We have tried many different searches but I am sure there are many that we haven't watched yet. And now, I want to go to one of these concerts...


  1. What exactly IS it? an orchestra invites a big name and plays their songs? I admit, I don't have any time right now to click and watch and listen to any. I'll have to come back.

    1. I should have said that in the first place... I edited the post to say. :)

    2. No problem. :)

  2. I just watched the Alan Parsons video, since Eye in the Sky (well, all his old stuff) is an old favorite and I loved it so much I'm not going to watch the rest. Gotta keep that song in my head. Will have to come back and watch some of the others, later.

    Love, love, love your new template!

    1. It really is the best of the videos. I have heard the song so many times lately it is stuck in my head most of the time. :)

      And, thanks, I am glad you like it!

  3. That is such fun stuff! LOVE Love Love Alan Parsons! :) They all bring back such memories though. Ah Tears for Fears. Wow.

    1. I am so glad you are enjoying them, Suey! You were the person I thought of when we discovered them, so I had to share!


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