Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Are You Listening to Wednesday - Week 17

Once again I am slack on my music posts, but I have returned! This week I once again chose five songs off Ana's list and five songs off Vanessa's list using

From Ana's List I Listened to:
27 - 'Summer on the Westhill' by Kings of Convenience
39 - 'Instant Street' by dEUS
21 - 'Let Down' by Radiohead
37 - 'Samson' by Regina Spektor
50 - 'Killing All the Flies' by Mogwai

'Summer on the Westhill' by Kings of Convenience

Thoughts: This is a quiet song. It's actually great for listening to in the background while you are doing something else or when you want to listening to a more meditative type of music. I actually really liked it more and more as I listened to it. I followed along with the lyrics and they are well written, too. It really is just an all around peaceful song.

'Instant Street' by dEUS

Thoughts: Unfortunately the only not live version of this song on YouTube has the end cut off. But, you get the idea of the song. I really liked it. It is actually getting catchy the more I listen to it.

'Let Down' by Radiohead

Thoughts: I actually went through a Radiohead stage at one point, so I was familiar with this song to begin with. I do like them, so I am not entirely sure why I stopped listening to them. This was another quiet song, but a good one. Once again I listened to it and followed along with the lyrics. (Well, sort of. Casey needed attention and then she knocked over her water dish. I listen to the songs off and on over the course of about two weeks, but then I pay close attention to them while watching YouTube videos in order to write up the posts.)

'Samson' by Regina Spektor

Thoughts: I really like both this song and the video. You should definitely check them out!

'Killing All the Flies' by Mogwai

Thoughts: This song is instrumental. I am not usually a huge fan of instrumental stuff, but I really liked this.

From Vanessa's List I Listened To:
45 - 'The Model' by Kraftwerk
117 - 'You and Whose Army' by Radiohead
93 - 'Jesus Built my Hotrod' by Ministry
95 - 'Walk' by Pantera
21 - 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' by The Stooges

'The Model' by Kraftwerk

Thoughts: This is an older song, but if you read the lyrics you can easily still compare them to right now. They still fit. It is not an amazing song, but it is good in its simplicity.

'You and Whose Army' by Radiohead

Thoughts: I thought it was funny how Radiohead was on both lists this week. I actually knew this song better than the one Ana suggested. I am not sure why. It has been a long time since I paid a lot of attention to Radiohead, so they are a distant memory until I listen to them again. (Apparently the lyrics are wrong in this video, but not enough to take away from anything.) And, apparently this was in a movie. That's probably why I know it better.

'Jesus Built my Hotrod' by Ministry

Thoughts: I just don't know on this one. One on the one hand I am not drawn to it, but on the other hand it is catchy. Does that make any sense to anyone? I couldn't entirely make out everything he was saying so I looked the lyrics up. It's an interesting song...

'Walk' by Pantera

Thoughts: Yep, so Pantera. I sort of cringed when I saw this on the list because I have heard this song before and I was never a huge fan... But, I was a dutiful list follower and when this song came up I listened to it again. It's not HORRIBLE, but I still can't picture me rushing out to listen to more from them... What I have been thinking about is what the song is really about. I was browsing through the comments while I was listening to it and people were saying it promotes aggression, fighting, etc... I don't get it. It says 'Respect' and actually says to walk away... How does that promote fighting? Did I get the meaning wrong? Please don't tell me that head-banging-type music is what promotes that stuff because that is just silly. I might not be a huge fan, but even I don't think that... Thoughts?

'I Wanna Be Your Dog' by The Stooges

Thoughts: I had heard this song before. Joan Jett also does a version that I am familiar with. Yep, music trivia from me of all people! Both versions are catchy.

If anyone is curious, this is my favourite Joan Jett song.


  1. Great music and so many different genres!!

  2. Ooh Regina Spektor! I've just realized that I haven't visit your blog in a while. I hope you're doing well, K.

  3. I LOVE Radiohead but mostly their older stuff. I kind of lost track when they came out with Kid A.

    I've only recently started listening to Regina Spektor and really like her!

    So many others I HAVEN'T heard of!

  4. Here I am commenting at last - better late than never, right? :P So glad they were all winners for you this week :D


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