Monday, May 14, 2012

My Postcard Project

People have asked where I need postcards from, so I am going to make a post to link back to for future reference. This includes Canada and the United States. Outside of that area it gets a bit more complicated to make a list. Even if I all ready have a postcard from your state/province/territory, I still do collect postcards and will not complain if you send me one. I also will happily send some in return. I just am a bit slow with mailing things, but I am trying to do better!  I will edit this as we go along. For the places I had some from before this project started, I might add some pictures... Basically, this post is a work in progress. Once I get a button I will link to it in my sidebar. (Please let me know if you notice a missing state...)

Canadian Provinces:

Alberta - Have

British Columbia - Have

Manitoba - Have

New Brunswick - Have

Newfoundland - Have

Nova Scotia - Have

Ontario - Have

Prince Edward Island - Have

Quebec - Have

Saskatchewan - Have

Canadian Territories:

Northwest Territories - Need

Nunavut - Need

Yukon - Need

United States:

Alabama - Need

Alaska - Need

Arizona - Have

Arkansas - Have
No writing on the back, so not sure where it came from.

California - Have
Interesting fact: None of my California postcards are from after the 1960's.

Colorado - Need

Connecticut  - Need

Delaware - Need

Florida - Have
I swear, I have every Disney World postcard ever made... One day something else.

Georgia - Have
Also not entirely sure where these came from.. No writing on the back.

Hawaii - Have
When a friend of my grandmother found out I collected postcards he gave me all of his. Nice man!

Idaho - Have
I think this postcard came from the same place as Hawaii. It's the only one I have.

Illinois - Have
I think these came from one of my mother's trips.

Indiana - Have
From my mother, too, I believe.

Iowa - Need

Kansas - Have
From Melissa
Kentucky - Have
I have two postcards from Kentucky. They are both postmarked 1940! I'd say things have changed a bit...

Louisiana - Have

Maine - Have

Maryland - Have
From Meg

Massachusetts - Have
From Care

Michigan - Have

Mississippi - Not entirely sure... I just *assume*, so let's say have, but wouldn't mind another one...

Missouri - Need

Montana - Have

Nebraska - Have
From Danielle.

Nevada - Need

New Hampshire - Have

New Jersey - Have

New Mexico - Need

New York - Have

North Carolina - Need

North Dakota - Need

Ohio - Have

Oklahoma - Have

Oregon - Have

Pennsylvania - Have

Rhode Island - Have
From Charlotte
From Care

South Carolina - Need

South Dakota - Have

Tennessee - Have

Texas - Have

Utah - Have

Vermont - Have

Virginia - Have

Washington - Need

West Virginia - Have

Wisconsin - Need

Wyoming - Have


  1. I live in Colorado and can send you a postcard. :)

  2. I'll ask my daughter, who is in college there, for an Iowa postcard.

  3. Oooh, I will be in Kansas in July -- if you don't have one by then I will try to remember to pick a postcard up at the airport and send it to you :-) Same with NC if you don't have one by the time I vacation there this summer :-)

  4. I'd love to send you one from Washington!

  5. Wow, you're doing really well! You've got postcards from everyone I've been recently, so I can't be of any help, but good luck! I'm so sorry I didn't get you one from Ireland. I am horrible about postcards, really. But will try to improve!

  6. Guess what?? I got a surprise postcard from you today :D It absolutely made my day Kells :D I'm moving to Mandeville this weekend…just about 45 minutes north of New Orleans…I know you already have Louisiana, but maybe I can send you one from Mandeville too if I can find one :) And we go to Mississippi a lot so maybe I can manage to get you one from there too!! In fact, Matt wants to go to a casino for his bday and we'll likely hit up the casinos in Mississippi…that's on June 12th, so I'll keep my eyes open!

  7. You have such an impressive collection! Okay, so when I go to Paris I'll DEFINITELY get you a postcard, and also send you the one I got you in Dublin over a year ago and which has been sitting in a drawer somewhere ever since... sorry, I kind of suck :P

  8. I'm not too far from Delaware. I'll try to see if I can pick you one up if I'm passing through. (It might be awhile .. .we don't go there that often. And lucky for you, I'm heading to Nevada tomorrow so I'll try to remember to pick on up for you!!!!

  9. Anonymous3:31 AM

    I can send you one from WA if I knew where to send it to.

    1. Hi! Can you either email me (kiwi_shelf (at) hotmail (dot) com) or let me know your email. I looked on your blog but didn't see it anywhere.

  10. So many places I drove through last summer! Oh well....I will send you something from wherever I find myself next!

  11. I might be able to send you one from Alabama and Mississippi. Do you want them in a separate envelope, or do you want them postmarked and written on and everything? If you have my email address you can send me your address.

  12. How about postcards from outside the US or Canada? If you're interested, where can I get your address?

    1. Hi Alex, that would be awesome! I am happy to receive them from anywhere. I can't seem to find your email, but mine is kiwi_shelf (at) hotmail (dot) com. If you get this, can you email me, please?


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