Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Snapshot - June 16, 2012

Day 9 - your view today

Day 10 - best part of your weekend:
Nurse Casey - Kept me company while I was sick.
Day 11 - Door:

Day 12 - from a low angle:
Day 13 - Art:
Postcard I bought for Care in Lunenburg
Day 14 - Time:
Time (for supper)
Day 15 - Yellow:

Other Pictures:
Without the flash this is pitch black.
Spot the kitty!
Postcard from Daphne. Thanks Daphne!
June 10 Sunset
A bit later, June 10
Weeping Willow
Through the Trees
'I have my eyes on you'
Sunset at Hall's Harbour (We go there a lot...)
Casey and her 'new' mouse
Trip to Chester, Mahone Bay, and Lunenburg:

Typical Nova Scotia Flag Pole
Building the Bluenose II (again...) in Lunenburg
Purple Flowers
Water Shot
Bluenose Drive, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Old Fishing Shack
Fisherman Memorial
Bench at Fisherman Memorial
Local Artwork
Bluenose Tent
Boat Building
I know this is dark, but I like the haunted house feel...
Fishing Shacks
Old Railway Bridge
Mahone Bay Church
Cat in the Box - Just a random picture
Shirt the guy bought in Lunenburg


  1. Love the postcard for Care - how could anyone see a lobster anything and not think of her? :--) And the azaleas are gorgeous. Love the Memorial too!

  2. I love the photo of the bridge!

  3. I'm so loving the PhotoADay challenge!! The spectacular daisy and the rum t-shirt are my favorites of yours this week :):)

  4. Great photos! I can tell your cat's a big part of your life.

  5. I love the sunsets, and the lowers, and the fishing shacks. The PhotoADay challenge is such a good idea - do you set yourself the challenge, or is it something anyone can join in? My Snapshot is at

  6. What a great collection of photos. I especially like night time ones and the fishing shacks.

  7. I always love your cat and sky pictures. :) Glad you posted today!

  8. Love the pix...and thanks for taking off that horrible new word

    I think the Blogger people are trying to make us go blind!

    Thanks for visiting my blog....

  9. Great photos! I particularly like the bridge and the daisy. Stunning!

  10. I really like the brightly painted dories against the red wooden building!

  11. What a great collection. Love the old barn and boats

  12. The the view of the fan... that is a very familiar view for me too! And the daisy. Ah... my favorite picture of the bunch!

  13. Wonderful pictures again this week! Love the close-up of Nurse Casey.

    Here's my Snapshot.

  14. Love Nurse Csey ... surreal!

  15. Another great set of photos! I thought for sure the sky photos were going to be my favorites of the bunch, but then I saw the daisy - definitely my favorite of yours this time.

  16. I'd like to wander down Bluenose Drive!

  17. I love all of those photos! the random one with the cat in the box...made me laugh!!

  18. My absolute favorite is the Fishing Shack picture. For some reason I've always felt a bit of homesickness or nostalgia for Eastern Coast towns (not sure why) and that picture definitely tugs at that. Strange, huh?


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