Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Snapshot - July 28, 2012

Day 21 - 9 o'clock

Day 22 - upside down

Day 23 - mirror

Day 24 - a stranger

Day 25 - heart

Day 26 - sunshine

Day 27 - on the road

Other Pictures:

Casey sleeping on my lap while I read.
Hanging out while I visit Saturday Snapshot posts last Saturday.
"Supervising" while I clean.
Bird Watching.
"Phew! Running from window to window after crows is tiring work!"
Cat in a bag
New Barbecue!
Passed out from the heat
Kitty wanted in, but his human wasn't home to do so. Poor kitty!
"Take me with you!"
Casey photo of the day.
Three postcards from Northwest Territories!
Beautiful day!
My fortune
The guys fortune.
Casey's 'Aunt' Abby
Another bread disaster... Really shouldn't buy bread products...
Hanging out with Casey.
Soo... Who sent this? I am sorry if I should know! I have got a lot of postcards lately and it is unsigned...
Postcard from Jeanne. Thanks Jeanne!!
Pretty Clouds
In case anyone is curious, this is the list for August. 

Random Interlude:
I posted this picture last week and a couple people asked about it. I thought instead of answering in the comments and you may or may not seeing the answer; I would just answer here. It is actually a picture from a postcard. My mother was in Maine last month and she forgot to give me the postcards she bought. It just happened that she gave them to me on the 16th and it all worked out. So, it says 'Maine Sign Post' on the front. The back says: 'World renowned, this signpost at Lynchville, Maine, points out the direction and the distances to Maine communities'. Cool, huh?


  1. The cats steal the show here, Kaliana. I love "Bird Watching" and "Hanging Out With Casey".
    Wow. Too bad your blog-posting was not equipped with a "Scratch and Pet" feature..... they would be purring under my hand.

  2. The cats are wonderful - but I like the clock, and the hearty, and the sunshine. You always have such an interesting collection of photos. My Snapshot is at

  3. Casey definitely steals the show. Great shots.

  4. I love this meme, lovely shots!

  5. Ha! That clock is pretty cool.

  6. Thanks for the explanation on the sign too. I wondered about all those foreign spots so close together. Now I know that they're in Maine. Here's Mine

  7. I have to agree with Cipriano - what beautiful cats! Abby's tail is just beautiful. Like the Savannah postcard, too!

  8. Great moments from your the little fortune cookie shots. Thanks for sharing...and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  9. Lots of great pictures again! I wish I was better about taking more pictures like you do :-)

    Here's my snapshot post this week.

  10. Great photos - I really need to do this one month!

  11. You made my day. Such a pleasure to look at all these photos!

    Here is my Saturday Snapshot post!

  12. Pretty kitties! And thanks for the postcard explanation... very clever.

  13. So there's a Poland, Maine, and a Mexico, Maine, and so on? Crazy! Thanks for the explanation; I wondered (and I probably wouldn't have seen it in the comments!)

    And as always, love all the fun cat photos!

  14. My favorite this week ... take me with you ... love the screen as a foreground for kitty ... layered images always interest me.

  15. I had to scrutinize that cat in the bag shot♫ Enjoyed the visit.

  16. Awesome clock! Reminds me that I was going to take a picture of my watch at 9 but forgot. Now it's 9:41. Oops. Love your sunshine picture! I tried to do something similar but had a tough time with my phone.

  17. Excellent!! I just love these photo a day prompts...

  18. Great pictures. I'm partial to the cat ones :)

  19. It's fun to know people who like getting postcards!

  20. I was wondering about those mileage signs too, so I'm glad you explained. It makes so much more sense now. :)

  21. That is so nifty! i was looking at the signposts and scratching my head. Thanks for the explanation.

  22. The map pic! :-)
    P.s. I recognize that clock! :-P

  23. What happened to the bread? Did a kitty get into it?

  24. I really enjoy looking at your photos!! Loving the cat photos!


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