Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Poetry Project - Month One Wrap-up

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first wrap-up post to the newly revamped Poetry Project. If you missed the Mr. Linky you can always post on Leslie's blog for August and be included in the wrap-up then. Hopefully we will get into a rhythm soon. The theme for August is a poem by a Pulitzer-Prize winning author. Remember, though, that the theme is only a guideline and you can post about whatever you want.

Vasilly answered the questions provided.

Chris did, too.

Snowball shared some haikus that she wrote herself. She also joined in for the meet-and-greet.

Trish spent a Sunday answering the meme questions for the first month.

Sara answered the questions as well.

You can read the answers from Gavin to the questionnaire here.

Geeky Daddy answered the questions here.

Janna, a new to me blogger, also answered the questions.

Amy, a poet in her own right, joined in as well.

Evelyn, who has lots of postcards and no one to mail them to, answered the questions here.

Then, Snowball joined in again to share a poem.

Lizzy also chose to share a poem.

Lastly, at Reading Rendevous Reviewz we are delighted with a collection of poems.

Then, Leslie and I also answered the questions.

***jessicabookworm: I promise I didn't skip you, but I couldn't get any of your links to work. It comes up saying your blog is private and asks me to log in!


  1. It must have taken you forever to put this post together! But what a lovely, easy way to find everyone's posts.

  2. I was going to stick to the last Tuesday of the month schedule, since I've been on vacation. But maybe I'll see if I can hurry it along, since I have a poem about being on vacation and plan to answer the meme questions, too.

  3. Yay!! Guess I need to look up some Pulitzer Prize winners--if I want to be really sneaky I could pick someone who won a Pulitzer but not necessarily for poetry? ;) Teasing.

  4. Yay! A place to see everyone's posts! I really need to go look through all of these :)

  5. Okay, I hurried it along:

  6. I meant to join and just didn't find the time, so sad! I'll try to find a Pulitzer winning poet for August... can't name a single one!

  7. Thanks for hosting this great event. I belatedly submitted my July posts but I placed them up on your Linky already. Just in case, I made two posts for July:

    Thanks to your event, I'm beginning to enjoy reading poetry. Looking forward to reading more poems in August. :)


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