Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Cooking - Food Pictures

I didn't get a chance to make anything new this week, so I was stumped on what to post about. Then I remembered I take food pictures and never use them for anything. So, here are some of the meals I have either made recently or enjoyed when we ate out:
I am supposed to be having a month of grilling food, but it hasn't worked out quite that way. The most complicated thing I have made is hamburgers, like the ones above, and a few steaks. I will hopefully get around to some of the grilling recommendations soon.
Sometimes going out just means a beer and a nice atmosphere. The picture above is the one I used for 'somewhere I sat'. I would have liked to take more pictures but the lighting was terrible. This shows the nice grain in the chairs, right?
One of the good things above living in Nova Scotia is the lobster experience. There is a restaurant near here that you get to pick out your own lobster and they cook it for you. Then, enjoy!
Then, I started messing around with my slow-cooker. Have you ever used the liners? They are so convenient! Normally I cook something and then have to soak the slow-cooker before it will come completely clean. And, I mostly avoid cleaning it. With the liners you can just rinse the smell out and reuse. It saves lots of time.
And, there is always coffee... The white mug says 'Surrender the Bounty' and the blue one has Disney characters on it.
Pasta! If we are going out to eat it is typically Boston Pizza. We just split a plate. This is how much half is. And, have to love their cheese toast. I am not crazy about garlic bread.
Dessert is always good. This is Blueberry Grunt that I got at a restaurant in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. I was actually hoping to make my own batch for Weekend Cooking this week, but didn't happen.
Lobsters are a big part of Nova Scotia as you can see by the above picture... I eat at restaurants and watch people document the entire experience. Restaurants even give silly bibs for this purpose.
Haddock is always good, too. Not the best I have ever had, but a decent meal. Seafood restaurants are found all over the place.

What sort of food do you enjoy during the course of a couple weeks?


  1. Oh wow!!! I love your photos. Now I want to come visit. You're not *that* much farther than Maine. LOL.

  2. The photos are great, especially the Blueberry Grunt- yum.

  3. Great post! The photos made me want everything - oddly, I especially want that chair.

  4. Love lobster and the blueberry grunt looks so good. Must make some soon. :)

  5. Fun post. Have a great week.

  6. I assume that lobsters are not that expensive to eat. The photo that you have taken of that meal looks so good!

  7. I love the lobster picture! I have a habit of taking pictures of my cup of coffee too. ;-)

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  9. I've been trying to cook at home more and I've been trying new recipes to expand my family's horizons. The only real plan I have though is for sure following meatless Mondays (not that the carnivores I live with are on board).

  10. I love the slow cooker liners! They make clean up a breeze. I have a big crockpot and it is a pain to wash so anything that makes that chore easier is good! The lobsters look good. It is very pricey in this neck of the woods. I love it but can't remember the last time I had it. I need to take a trip to Nova Scotia!

  11. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Ack! Food porn! This is making me hungry.


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