Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Looking Back - A Pin it and do it Post

The topic for October Photoaday on the 28th was 'looking back'. I was originally going to take a picture looking in the mirror in the car, but forgot my camera when I was in the car and so decided to 'look back' through pictures to share an older one.

I decided on this one:
Little Casey

She is not so little now:

I took this picture in May:

Same tree in June:

Then again in September:
Same tree, but different half of it...
Another spot I visited a few times:



Or, look at this picture in the spring:

And now the fall:

In a way, 2012 has been all about looking back. I took pictures almost every day since April. I also have been doing my day-by-day journal; so not only do I have some scribbled thoughts for each day, but I also have a picture for every day. I could do the progression of the seasons in a post. I am pretty sure I took more pictures of the tree from above. I have stood in many different places. I have captured the same sky on numerous nights. I can see Casey grow up in her pictures.

And, you know what? I hate getting my picture taken. If I hadn't got so obsessed with taking pictures this year, I may never have had this cute memento of Casey and I:

What have your experiences been when you stop and 'look back'? Are you like me and have common themes to your photos that you can trace changes in? 

While I never officially signed up, #photoaday and my day-by-day journal are both Pinterest pins and this post counts for Trish's Pin it and do it.


  1. Aww. They grow up so fast <3. I need to be better at taking regular pictures. I used to, but not so much these past few months. I do love how you can use them to trace changes or patterns in your life and the things that surround you.

  2. What beautiful pictures!


  3. Awww, Kell, I loved these looks back! Very cool.

  4. That last picture is my absolute favorite of you!! You look so happy.


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