Sunday, November 18, 2012

Posting from my tablet

I just wanted to see what that was like... So, I will ramble.

-I am reading FARTHING by Jo Walton right now. Good so far!
-I want the sequels  for sure.
-I finally found a program to read on my tablet. I paid for it and everything! It is called Mantano. It is pretty great so far. I even like reading .pdf on it.
-Don't forget the Virtual Advent tour sign-ups are now open.
-I joined!! Postcards! Yay! I am excited!

What are your rambles for the day?


  1. I really enjoyed Farthing too, and I have the first sequel on my pile to read. I'm happy you are liking it too!

    I've signed up for Virtual Advent Tour too :-)

    What is the postcrossing all about? I'll have to go see. I love postcards, sending and receiving :-)

    lovely little rambles, it's been that kind of Sunday, hasn't it?

  2. I love posting with my tablet... but it is hugely annoying to add links. So, I hear you! What appealed to you about the Mantano reading app? I haven't really found any I like, although the Nook app is pretty decent for those books.

  3. Farthing made me too anxious to keep going, but I hope you like it all the way through!

  4. Great job! I have been so hesitant to post while using my iPad. I should do some test posts like you only because I'll be traveling at the end of the month and will only that and not my laptop.

    I love Bluefire for my reading app. Nook's app is wonderful too for all of my Nook books. How is Mantano different?

  5. Thanks for the tip about Mantano - I didn't know about it; just look it up. It looks really helpful!

  6. a) what kind of tablet
    b) did you use a special program or just the web?

    I ask because I have an ipad and haven't been able to figure out how to efficiently work from it to keep up with blogging (both the writing and the hopping). I keep thinking that if I just force myself then I can but even the laptop is second choice to sitting at the actual computer (I blame the two screens I'm spoiled with). just wondering! :)

  7. Nothing wrong with rambling :-)

    I have Farthing on my TBR pile and want to get around to it soon - good to know it's worth it.


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