Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturday Snapshot - January 5, 2013

Good morning! I am hoping to keep up with Alyce's Saturday Snapshot this year. I got a new camera for Christmas, will be taking photography courses, and may have a few two many new photography books. Plus, there is still #photoaday hosted by Fat Mum Slim. For the moment, I am going to keep this spot to recap my pictures each week. That may change as the year progresses... I always regret when I skip a week, so I apologize that I am going to share two weeks worth of pictures today since I missed last Saturday. Hope everyone is enjoying the start of the new year!

22 - decoration
23 - joy is ______
24 - tradition/something you always do
25 - lunchtime
26 - mess
27 - how you relax
28 - cold
29 - hot
30 - something that made you smile this year
31 - self-portrait

1 - Today
2 - something new
3 - heart
4 - the view from here

22 - tradition
23 - scarf
24 - favourite part of Christmas eve

25 - morning
26 - grateful
27 - night time
28 - words
29 - sky view
30 - your winter wonderland
31 - fun


  1. Hi, I'm always happy when I find another Canadian blogger! I'm your latest follower.
    I did a 365 challenge a few years ago so I was thrilled to find your link to Fat Mum Slim's challenge.

  2. Some great shots there Kelly! I'm hoping to stick to the challenge myself in Jan, I've failed horribly for the last few months!

  3. I'm trying to do a 365 challenge this year. Tricky. Yours are lovely!

    my Saturday Snapshot.
    I hope you will stop by! And Happy New Year!

  4. I like the creativity in your interpretation of the themes. Always interesting to see! And I can totally relate to your choices for "how I relax"! ;)

  5. Love the tree with the sunset (or sunrise) behind it!

  6. I like all of the photo montages!

  7. I love looking at your photographic record of daily life.My Snapshot is at

  8. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Great collection of pictures and congrats on the new cam! Will be interesting to see what photos you get with it. Are you going manual or automatic? :D

  9. Neat photos.


    Silver's Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  10. Especially love the sky view and winter wonderland pix. :)

  11. It's fun to scroll through these posts! I'm doing a loose photo-a-day thing myself this year & it seems like prompts will be handy some days.

  12. All I can think about is HOLY COW THAT'S COLD! :)


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