Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where in the World are your Unusual Reading Spots?

Look! A blog post! I tell you, folks. I have just lost my groove... I have even toyed with not blogging at all because I have gotten so bad at it... But, I would miss it! I am just missing commitments and things. I suck. And my reading is coming and going this year. I get some chances to read a lot and then other times I can't find time to pick up a book!

Which ties into the topic for Where in the World are you Reading? this month. The topic is unusual reading places hosted over at Trish's blog. I am actually participating in the meme I help host. Nothing like being a slacker, huh? I am late because of evil viruses, though. But, at least I am posting!

This is an example of me sneaking in reading:
 The guy was in this store. And what was I doing?

Reading City of Dark Magic in the car by a combination of a street light and the flashlight function on my phone. Aren't I cool? (I just do not have much interest in Princess Auto...)

99 percent of the time when I decide reading would be a good idea I suddenly have a fluff ball in my face. This makes reading unusual because she literally will not sit calmly and let me read. She keeps getting in my way. 

Where are your unusual reading locations?

On another note, last month was Holiday Reading Escape and between some bad news received just before the holidays and the holidays in general... I never shared my pictures! Since I took them I figured I will just be late...
Casey and I spent lots of time chilling with the heat and a nice evening.
And there was a pretty tree! I took lots of pictures of this nature, but since I am late I will just share the first two.

I will back next week with COMFY SPOT. So, make sure to chill with your read, make yourself comfortable, and share a picture!


  1. You don't suck!

    I'm not sure if any of these spots are "unusual" as there may be several of us that do this, and forgive my uncouth nature but one of the places I read is on the throne. Or in the bathroom if that reference passed you by. I even take books along to my parents house in case I feel nature call while there so I can slip a few pages in. And now that I've got a Kindle I'll have to admit to sneaking that into the privy at work sometimes.

    I'll also read while waiting in the car for anything at all. Sometimes I'll read on the Kindle when at a long stop light.

    I've read in the movie theater while waiting for films. In fact during the Extended Edition LOTR releases a few years back I would get to the theater so early I would go back and turn on the house lights so I could read and then would go shut them off when the pre-show entertainment would come on the screen.

    I've read in many outdoor locations even while walking my dog on occasion.

    When you love reading (and are in the groove) you'll take any excuse to do so. :)

  2. I do a fair amount of reading with the cats. I think I am their heat source.

  3. Sometimes on a hot day I fill up the kiddy pool, put a floating chair in it, and lower myself in carefully with a book.

  4. I always have a book with me and often read when the hubby is doing things such as going to car part store!! Your cat wants all of your attention!!

  5. I definitely read in the car while waiting on the Huz to run into a store for something (usually Lowes or AutoZone). I occasionally read a book on my Kindle while in the bath, yes I know it's a horrible idea.

  6. I don't have the problem with cat-in-the-face or cat-on-the-book during reading time, anymore, but I've been there. It's a love/hate toss-up. Nice to have a kitty buddy to warm your lap but having to hold the book up so the cat will stop lying on it can be a nuisance. I kind of like the fact that Isabel prefers to lie near me but isn't a lap cat.

    So funny about the auto store. I did similar, this weekend - stayed in the car to read while husband ran into some store.

    Love the pics, as always.

  7. Princess Auto? Ok, that there is unusual!!!

  8. I was completely late with this one so haven't done it yet. Still may throw up one just to have it done. Good post. I'd say Princess Auto definitely counts as unusual.


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