Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hello 2013...

I am having an off year with reading and blogging. I am not doing much of either... This happens every few years, but this has been like a year of slumps in both departments. It's so strange for me. It is not like I am not filling my time with lots of things... It just isn't reading and blogging. And I miss both. My TBR pile doesn't get any smaller with inactivity. I still get new books... And I have had a few periods where I think I am going to finally break out of this strange cycle, but a bit of time goes by and I am back to not really reading. So, what have I been doing when I am not reading??

Taking pictures! I have a Canon Rebel T3i and I LOVE it!! I have been teaching myself the manual settings and having a mixture of success and failure with it... On Friday I went on a roadtrip with 'the guy'. Anyway, he has been coming on my photo expeditions as I learn what the heck I am doing... On Friday I went looking for a waterfall... Look at some of the pictures!
There are probably more... Windows 8 is just not user friendly with anything to do with pictures... I think my dislike of my computer is part of the reason why I am becoming more and more of a stranger!

So, most of my reading has been photography books... I am a bit obsessed with Bryan Peterson...
See the engagement book and wedding book? Someone asked me to take pictures at their wedding in August! Craziness!!

Then there have been photo apps..

An attempt to get healthy...
Stopping to appreciate the little things...

Casey, of course!
So that is where I have been this year...


  1. Love seeing the pictures of what you have been up to! Even though you're not reading/blogging a lot, it looks like you're enjoying yourself. :)

  2. I love hearing about everything you do, Kells! Of course, don't blog if you don't want to. But if you do, blog about anything--most definitely doesn't have to be books. I'm absolutely positive that I'm not the only one who would love to see you posting about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! :D

  3. Wonderful pictures. Nice to see you around on Blogger!

  4. I agree with Debi :) It is nice to see posts from you (only if you feel like it) on any topic!

  5. Love the pictures! And I agree with Iris - it's nice to see posts from you (but only when you feel like it) on any topic, not just books and reading. I haven't done anything with our new camera yet - pretty soon, it won't be "new" any more and I still won't have done anything with it, probably!

  6. I love your photos! It's hard to keep up with blogging and reading when you've got otehr stuff on your plate. I do love audiobooks for that!

  7. Nice photos! I totally get what you are saying. I'm trying to pick up on my blog as well - as you say, I love doing it, but it feels as though I'm constantly getting sidetracked...

  8. Looks like you've been productive and are having fun. We all go through phases with reading and blogging. :)


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