Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Have Been... Take Nine

Writing... A few blog posts here and there. I am TRYING to get back in the groove... Last night I compiled my new lists for Photo-a-day. Three that I have been doing still haven't posted lists. That might be a good thing for me because I really do too many anyway.... Oh, well, it is fun! I also have been doing rather well with my postcard writing. It is the mailing part I am failing at...

Reading... I finally finished Night Film. It took me forever because I read so little nowadays. The fact that I was away for two weeks also did not help. Otherwise I have been picking at books and reading a bit here and there, but I seem to be at a point in my life where reading is not taking a fore-front. I have been contemplating if there is even much point in keeping this much neglected blog, but we will see what happens.

Listening... My current audio book is The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson. It is good so far! I am neglecting this as well. I need to get back in a groove.

Looking... Pictures, of course!!

Learning... That I really need to figure out how prioritizing works so that I can get to some of the things I really want to do and have been neglecting...

Anticipating... Trip to Cape Breton to take pictures of the leaves changing! My birthday... I think... New month of taking pictures and the Advent Calendar which we have all ready started discussing.

Loving... Life! Photo trips! Happy moments! The munchkin! Vacation! New beginnings!


  1. Your skills with a camera are so impressive!

  2. Such pretty pictures! Here's to a great month ahead - looks like you have a lot of good things to celebrate!

  3. I love your pictures!

  4. Your pictures are lovely! I've been struggling on the reading front lately - audio books have been my saving grace.

  5. I love your photos - especially #3, I started Night Film and I'm enjoying it so far,


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