Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week in Review (11)

Random Thoughts

Okay, according to my list that includes single issues of comics I have read... *drumroll please* 100 BOOKS! According to the list that does not include single issues... I have read 66 books. It is still exciting because that is more than I read entirely last year. I hope that 2015 continues to be an awesome reading year!

Graphic Novel Year

Wild's End Issues 1-6
Fabled Kingom Volume 1 & 2
Hawkeye - Volume 1: My Life as a Weapon
Hexed Issues 1-7
Alex + Ada Volume 2
The Wicked + The Divine - Volume 1: The Faust Act


Still neglecting them... And with the exchange rate I decided to put my Audible membership on hiatus for 3 months. Frankly, I might cancel after that time is up...

Currently Reading

I am not sure what will stick. I have been in a shorter works mood lately, comics, so I am hoping that novels and longer works will work back in before long!

Weekly Reading

Wild's End Issues 1-6 - Well, this was good. Apparently it is one of those things that a lot of people have read. I missed that and read it because I was curious and it was on Scribd. I really liked it! I feel like anything I want to say about it would be spoilerish, but check it out!

So, I LOVE Queenie Chan and I was so excited that the first two volumes of this new series by her was on Scribd. And, I LOVE it! I love fairy tale retellings. It takes a bit to get used to her writing style because she mixes writing and pictures in a bit different way, but once you get your groove... I can't wait until Volume 3!

I have been hearing so much good things about this series... So, I splurged and snagged a copy. I am really intrigued! It was a good introduction and I can't wait to see what happens next!

A Twitter conversation lead to this series. And, yeah, I am so loving this so far! I read 7 issues of it and I want more! I love Lucifer, the main character, and the secondary characters are all people that I want to get know better, too! This is one I will be buying in trade!

I read the first one recently so you knew I was going to be snatching this up when it came out. And, I continue to really enjoy them! I can have more soon, please?

This is another series I have heard good things about and wanted to check out. I am really really intrigued! I really liked this intro and can't wait to see what happens next!

New Additions

Fall of Cthulhu Omnibus Vol.1
Alex + Ada Volume 2
Hawkeye - Volume 1: My Life As A Weapon
The Wicked + The Divine Volume 1
Shadow Scale: A Companion to Seraphina
Dead Heat


  1. How exciting that you are having such a great year of reading so far! I am glad to hear it! I am having a really strong month of reading in March so far and I really hope it continues! Have a great week :)

  2. I really really want to read Fall of Cthulhu. I think I will give in and buy the Kindle version. And you've just reminded me to cancel my Audible membership. I'm switching laptops right now so wanted to make sure I got the audiobooks I purchased with the last few credits transferred over to my iPod properly. I did that before I switched laptops, so all I need to do now is cancel!

  3. Look at you go!!! You are definitely putting me to shame this year, and I love it. I will be cheering you on as you look to have a record reading year!

  4. Soooo, I should just bookmark this and make it my comics reading list. :)


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