Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Day in the Life of... Me...

I chose to record a typical Sunday in my household... 

7:00 AM | I am attempting to sleep, but in my half asleep state I acknowledge a dog is in my face hoping I am awake. He is pretty good about going back to his bed when I don't acknowledge him, but I am awake now.

7:10 AM | Decided to just get up. My routine is pretty simple to start out the day: Grab whatever books I plan to read, open all the blinds, turn the coffee maker on and unplug my phone, let the dog out, feed the cats while the dog is out, let the dog in, feed the dog and give him water, and then finally make coffee. This weekend was special because is was the one following St. Paddy's and I always buy Bailey's to have in my coffee.

7:30 AM | Settle in to read with my coffee. I am pretty sure my dog and Sheldon are related because when I sit on the couch to read... I am in his spot. It took me a while to figure out that his issue is that I am in his spot and not that he wants petting or to be let out. So, the dog sits on me. Have you seen my dog? He is not a lap dog. We attempt to get comfortable so I can see my book. (No picture because my phone was not in grabbing range.)

8:00 AM | Dog out for his second bathroom break. I am hoping he will stay out for a while so that maybe I can read.

8:05 AM | Get settled in once again with my book... Dog wants in. Go let the dog in, wipe his feet (one day I will video this because pictures do not do it justice), and give him his treat that another human has taught him to expect upon coming in the house.

8:10 AM | Settle back in with my book. I am bouncing through some books at the moment, but I was reading A Short History of Fantasy and adding a million books to my wish list... Or, so it seems.

8:15 AM | Dog is trying to take my spot again. Only I consider the situation and move over... Dog climbs up and goes to sleep in HIS SPOT. I tell you, Sheldon... (I am writing this post on Tuesday and I attempted that before work this morning, he jumped up on the other side, so I had random good luck...)

9:00 AM | Pee break. Decide to throw some laundry in the washer.

9:15 AM | Back to reading. Mackie has not moved. 

10:00 AM | Move the laundry to the dryer. Clean the litter box. I normally do this first thing, but I was lazy this morning... Casey immediately has a desperate need to go so I basically wasted my time. But, it was clean for that brief moment!

10:10 AM | Blogging! I visit blogs, which I am doing rather well with, and update my own blog for my Week in Review. I also drink more coffee.

11:00 AM | I am hungry. Go upstairs to see if other human is awake... He isn't... (Don't even get me started on this.) Decide to start food anyway. Make food and yell to other human that it is ready. He woke up for food. Eat and and clean up the kitchen. As I am doing this I am sneaking snippets of the comic book I am reading, Lantern City.

12:00 PM | Shower time. While I am having a shower I spend 90 percent of the time closing the curtain because the dog is trying to drink the water off the side of the tub and coming out of the shower head...  Get dressed and all that other jazz. 

12:30 PM | While I wait for the other human to get showered and all that jazz, I am reading... Oh, no, wait, dog has to go out... Only to come back in... The neighbour a couple houses down have a dog now and Mackie likes to go out to see this dog.... Even if only from a distance. (I am really not sure how they would take to me going there to introduce their dog to mine? I don't know them at all and it is not like this is kids...)

1:00 PM | Nothing really planned so I am determined to read for a bit. Read for an hour and the dog bugs someone else. Yay!

2:00 PM | Decide that I want to go a bit of a road trip, which we typically do on Sundays, and today I am good with that being the second hand book-store. Plus, Mackie can come so that gets him out of the house, too.

3:00 PM | Arrive at the book-store. (It took some time getting the dogs harness on, he is going through a stage where he hates it, and then it is a 45 minute drive to the book-store.) It is busy at the book-store on Sunday's apparently... Find a bunch of goodies and since I have credit... Spend nothing. YAY!

3:30 PM | The guy' son lost his wallet and we still have it. Drop it off to him, but have to wait for him to finish a rehearsal for a musical he is in at his school... Mackie and I take a walk where he pees on trees, rocks... Whatever he feels needs his scent.

4:00 PM | A very excited dog gets to see another human he knows and then we head home.

4:45 PM | Home. We really do nothing memorable for the next little while... I fed the dog and the cats in this time frame. And Mackie drank enough water for a desert trip.

5:30 PM | I decide to make supper. We eat and all that. My eating consists of teaching the dog that begging is bad, but my freaking cat (Casey) will follow me everywhere looking for food... She sets a bad example for the young'un. He will give up before the cat does. I am pretty sure the dog wouldn't beg if the cat wasn't such a bad example. I don't know how to break this cat of this horrible habit. 

6:00 PM | Mackie and I decide to head upstairs for some quiet and reading time... Sunday is my reading day, can you tell? 

7:00 PM | Decide maybe to be social and head downstairs for a bit. There was something on TV that I really didn't pay any attention to...

8:00 PM | Sunday tradition... Head out to the local pub to have a beer and chat for a bit. This is a no-phone zone and just a chance to have some uninterrupted time together... It doesn't happen every Sunday, but it has for many Sunday's off and on. The pub had a fire the weekend after I broke my ankle and this is their first week back in the old place after all the renovations. The staff comes over to see what we think of the changes...

9:00 PM | Home again. Let the dog out. He didn't get enough food apparently and he goes to 'his spot' to imply he is hungry. I am nice and give him some food. We used to feed him 3 time a day instead of twice, but I switched to twice and sometimes he seems hungry at night.

9:20 PM | Go upstairs to read with Mackie.

10:00 PM | I am tired and end up turning in early... 

... And that is my day... I almost didn't post because a) it is boring and b) I didn't really take any pictures... But, well, here you go anyway.

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  1. Anonymous9:33 PM

    It wasn't boring! It was a day filled with books and dogs and Bailey-splashed coffee. To me that is an exciting day. Also a post that has not one but two photos of book stacks (and with so many books I want to read - Bujold! Liu! Bone!) Is an excellent one.

  2. Books, dog, and Bailey's - sounds like a good day!

  3. Reading on the weekend is not boring! My cat always has to suddenly go to the bathroom the minute I clean the kitty litters too! So annoying. Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me.

  4. You took a lot of pictures! As someone who occasionally has trouble waking up by 11am I sympathize with the guy. :)

  5. Your dog is so adorable! I used to have a mixed Manchester Terrier toy who looked very much like that!

  6. It wasn't boring at all. Your dog is funny and you are funny talking about him. LOL

    Looks like you got some good books and all for zero dollars. Well done! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  7. Wow! Dogs are a lot of work!!

  8. Lol! I couldn't stop laughing imagining your dog taking issue with you taking his spot. Rue tends to watch her spot like a hawk if someone takes it. As soon as that person gets up, Rue is in that seat and won't budge. It's a plus because the seat is now cozy and warm.

    Also, this post is not boring at all!! I loved it. Reading about how much naughty stuff dogs do is fun to read.

  9. Yum, Baileys! I love the pic with your dog and the treat. He's so good!

  10. A perfect relaxing Sunday with books and coffee and a pub visit!

  11. Sounds like a great Sunday to me -- yay, Bailey's!

  12. I wish we had a local pub!

  13. Reading, coffee, and fur babies... sounds perfect!

  14. Mackie is so cute! Love the idea of "no-phone" zone. I try to stay away from my phone as much as I can on the weekends and I'm usually pretty good. Loved reading about your day!

  15. Sounds like a great Sunday--the kind I'll look forward to in about 15 years. LOL! Mackie has gotten so big! Love that he still thinks he's a small pup. And I like the idea of no-phone zones. We try really hard not to be on ours constantly while out or eating dinner. Too connected!!

    Thanks for sharing Kelly!

  16. I love the idea of a relaxing Sunday, and Bailey's and coffee is a good way to start it!

  17. Oh come on. This was not boring at all. It sounded like a wonderful. Your dog is the cutest. :)

  18. Impressed but what manage to fit in! I think I've only been to bed that early in my life a hand=full of times, mostly while pregnant!


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