Tuesday, May 31, 2016

30 Days of Books ~ Day 8

Day 8 ~ Most Overrated Book

I can't tell you mine because it would lead to spammers and cranky people... So, I am going to tweak this and go with 'Overrated Plot Element'. LOVE TRIANGLES! I literally will DNF a book for that alone. I am sick of it because it was so overdone. And, most of the books I would love to include for this topic have love triangles... So, you can probably guess what a few of them are, right? 

What would your answer for this be?


  1. Rarely is a love triangle done correctly or in a way I can stomach.

  2. I so agree with you on love triangles. I HATE love triangles. I'm really curious what your overrated book is. Does it involve vampires?

  3. Surely there must be a good love triangle somewhere in literature? Have to think about it...

  4. I'm in a state of overexposure to love triangles, but I don't think they're inherently bad. They've just become too frequent. If I could take a break from them, and when I came back the world of fiction had a more reasonable number of them, I think it'd be okay. It's just because they seem to be in EVERY SINGLE YA book these days and for the past few years now.

  5. Uh! Love triangles! I fully agree with you. I don't DNF books because of them, but I rarely enjoy them.
    As for an Overrated Plot Element, I'd say the absent or completely uninvolved parents in YA books - unless it is a good plot element, rather than an easy way out for the characters.

  6. I love your answer :) It's rare for me to get excited about love triangles. I don't hate a book automatically because of them. It just has a tendency to get all melodramatic and annoying very quickly!


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