Thursday, June 09, 2016

30 Days of Books ~ Day 15

Day 15 ~ Favourite Male Character

Hard question... But, I went with one of my favourite series based around a male skeleton. I LOVE Skulduggery Pleasant! For starters, a series based around a walking, talking skeleton was pretty original at the time that I started this series. And, then... He is just so fun! I used to say he was my book boyfriend... And, yes, he is a skeleton. lol The quick wit and humour that these books are written with has made this one of my very favourite series. And, it mostly comes down to Skulduggery Pleasant! If you haven't tried this series, you should!


  1. Ha! I'm absolutely terrified of skeletons.

  2. This sounds like so much fun. I have never even heard of this. I'm going to have to take a look at it.

  3. Ha! Never heard of this one but sounds fun. My answer would have been Jamie Fraser. I need to get out more. LOL!

  4. I have a soft spot for Gilbert Blythe. Other than that I can't think of any that are just my absolute favorite - especially not in a series.


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