Thursday, September 22, 2016

Birthday Books ~ The 2016 Version

I was trying to think of something to blog about and I got to thinking I used to share my birthday books around this time of the year in the past. My birthday is not until October, but I always pick some books I am excited about as a gift either to myself or sometimes someone else is interested in buying me books. This year they will be a gift! But, I picked them out so I all ready know what will be arriving...

I have been trying to be good and not buy any colouring books because I have so many now, but this one has been on my wish list forever and I always end up taking it off in place of something else. I figured now was the time to order it, so I hope I enjoy it. I have always looked for it in bookstores to see all of the inside and it is not one that ever seems to be in stock. At least it has a great cover!

I read this as an e-galley when it first came out and have always wanted a copy for rereading purposes. I still have not read the follow-up, so decided that since rereading has been going relatively well for me so far this year, it was time to get to the sequel after rereading this one.

I had this preordered but cancelled it because I still have not read Winter. That has not changed, but I would like to finish off this series before starting her new series. So, hopefully I can find time as the year ends to read this and Winter.

I recently read a review of this and it sounds like a 'me' book. So, after being indecisive for like an hour, this is the one that I ended up finishing up my splurge with. There were a few other books on my list that I had wanted to get, but either the prices were crazy (books have got sooo expensive) or I just wasn't sure about what I wanted to do about the series (like Shutter, didn't really enjoy the recent volume so not sure if I want to continue the series...).


  1. Wow! You'd reread Life after Life? I struggled with that one so much. Way to repetitive for one time through it.
    I hope you get all the books your heart desires.

  2. I liked The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet!

  3. I. Need. That. Coloring. Book. I've struggled with adult coloring books because none of the themes interest me all that much. I'd rather color the kids' coloring books, lol. But, that one I could definitely do!

  4. Great selection! I just received The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet this week and I'm really looking forward to reading it, it sounds intriguing.
    Also, I really need to catch up with the Lunar Chronicles!
    I wish you a happy birthday right now, just in case I forget later in October :)

  5. Oh, the Becky Chambers is a good one! I had some minor gripes with it, but it's a super fun book -- perfect for a birthday!

  6. What great book choices you've made for your birthday! I especially like that Off the Bookshelf book - looks awesome!


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