Monday, September 26, 2016

Music Munday - Idina Menzel (Week 1)

Not really happy with this icon, but everything I used to use on Canva costs money now. :(
I am not someone that really pays attention to music, but way back in 2009 I used to do a Music Munday feature and I thought I would bring it back... We will see if I can think of enough to post about to make it a regular thing! The reason I am thinking about music today is because I decided to try out Idina Menzel's new CD. I know that she is very popular for Frozen, but I loved her in Rent and have kept my eye on her over the years. While her new CD is not my typical music, I did like it overall and enjoyed a couple of the songs.

The two I thought I would share are these:

And, if you have never seen her in Rent, check out this video!

(If anyone is bored and better at graphics than me, can you make me a nicer one? lol)


  1. When I hear Idina Menzel's name, I always think of Wicked. She will always be Elpheba to me!

  2. Oh I'd love a Music Munday post feature. And, the graphic is kind of cute :)


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