Friday, November 04, 2016

Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

1. | Over two weeks of no Casey. Still seems pretty bizarre. I was making a ham sandwich in the kitchen the other day and I am so used to a cat under my feet wailing. And then I would give her a little piece. We have done that for years and it was so weird to not have a 'helper'. Mackie was there, too, but he is younger and always been part of a group. Casey was alone for a few years, so we have lots of traditions.

2. | I have been looking at kittens. It is probably too soon, and part of me feels guilty about it, but we do not want to replace Casey. We need another cat because Finn all alone just doesn't work. He is not cuddly or all that friendly. I need a cuddly cat. This has derailed my project to convince the other human I needed another dog... The kitten project is going better than the dog project anyway. Just, no one answers emails. Do you want to re-home these animals or not?

3. | I bought a new bookcase! I am ridiculously happy about this fact because it is has probably been 5 years since I have bought a new one. It sits on the landing and helped me finish off my organising from earlier this year. It holds some beloved series/authors and the random books I got for my birthday. I am sure that will change with time, but I think it looks good.

4. | I have been thinking a lot about Canada as a whole lately between the scary political situation in the US and the fact that I am reading The Promise of Canada. It covers 150 years of Canadian history in preparation for Canada's 150th birthday in July. We have treated people terribly over the years. But, I think we are doing better. What has me thinking is I really like this book, but I have yet to see it on any of the best of lists all ready out. And, I am left thinking is it because others do not consider it to be that great or because it is about Canada and most lists are American. There was a whole chapter on Margaret Atwood and how hard it can be to be a Canadian writer. Still early days and I definitely haven't seen all the lists. Just a thought.

5. | I have a cold, so my reading has been kind of slow. I am left choosing between nap and try to feel better or read. Hopefully the cold passes soon!

6. | I think I have bought more e-books in 2016 than I have ever. It is hard to pass up a book you were planning to get when it is like 2 dollars and the hardcover edition is like 30. I still forget about my e-books when I have shiny books on my physical shelves catching my eye. I think I have a project for 2017.


  1. I love buying new bookshelves. I need to buy a couple more too. I just want them to make my other shelves in my library so I need to wait until I can replace the ones I already own too.

  2. I have definitely purchased more ebooks this year! Most of my reading is via ebooks though. Except, I am not reading the ones I purchase - instead I am borrowing from the library. LOL!

    I am still hoping that Casey will be coming home soon.

  3. No Casey? :( If she really is gone maybe getting a kitten might help. Don't feel guilty. Sorry about the cold. I haven't felt great this week either and haven't read a thing. It's hard when you don't feel good.

  4. Continued hugs, friend. I am still saying prayers for Casey, and for you. <3

    Congrats on the new bookshelf! Do we get to see pictures once you have it set up with all the books on it?

  5. I agree with you on e-books ;) I wouldn't mind a project myself.


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