Friday, December 09, 2016

Bookish (And Not so Bookish) Thoughts

Casey, 2011

1. | Casey's birthday was in June, but we got her in December of 2011 so this was her adoption month. It's unfortunate that I didn't have Instagram or my camera when we first got her, so there are not as many pictures of her as a kitten as of Mackie, Finn, and now Chloe as they grow. Casey was my main subject for years, though, so there are no shortage of pictures of her!

2. | Chloe will not stay out of the Christmas tree. She has been forced out of it about 10 times today. Finn keeps running away like he is the one in trouble. No, Finn, Chloe. You are just sitting there watching her act a fool. Smart me for getting a kitten before Christmas. I am reconsidering that thought process. lol

3. | I am starting to plan for 2017 in the sense that I need to make more of an effort to cycle through my physical TBR and my e-book one. And, I need to read books I actually own, so I suspended my Scribd account and may just cancel it if this plan works out. I was going to suspend Audible, too, but I like using my credits every month even though I have a backlog. This year it has been a good way to read 2016 releases I wouldn't have read otherwise. And, I can think of three 2017 books that I plan to listen to on audio. So, I will keep it for now.

4. | I hate wrapping Christmas presents. Does anyone want to come do this for me? I have a rule that we cannot buy weirdly shaped objects... when that gets broken, bags for the win! I would use bags for everything, but that gets expensive.

5. | I got one of my Christmas presents early. I had to retire my Keurig and really didn't like the new ones, so I am back to a regular coffee maker. The test run was this morning and I used too much coffee. Learning curve! It's really nice. My main issue with regular coffee makers is the cheaply made pots. We even tried a metal one once and the handle fell off and I had to duct tape it on... This one seems sturdy compared to all my others, so fingers crossed it lasts.

6. | I have decided that I need new glasses and today is a glasses browsing day. I hate glasses shopping because I cannot see without my glasses. I thought my current ones looked good on me until I could actually see. I personally hate them, but my main pair got a big scratch on the lens and had to be retired. I used to love getting new glasses, but I am so blind without them that it is more of a form of torture at this point. Wish me luck!

7. | We got our first snowfall overnight. I really don't think it is that much snow, but they cancelled school. Times have sure changed when it comes to that. It was really pretty this morning, but melting now.


  1. We got a kitten right before Christmas. She would go crazy with the tree. I sprayed her with s spray bottle and it worked but only for a few seconds. When she accidentally poked her eye on a branch she finally learned not to play in the tree. She behaves very well around them now.

    I'd wrap all my gifts is bags too if I could.

    I need new glasses too but keep putting it off.

  2. I can so relate to #6 (well, and #4). Picking out glasses--when you're "blind" without them--is a two-person job. Or you have to really, really, really trust the salesperson trying to sell you a pair of glasses!

    If it was up to me, Christmas bags would always be the way to go!

  3. I've been married for almost 19 years now. My husband and I have only put up a Christmas tree 3 of those years because we hate dealing with the cats and the tree. So, I feel your pain.

    I need new glasses too, but I need to go get my eyes checked first and see how much worse they've gotten.

  4. Our coffeemaker died on us too. Of course, the warranty was expired as well. I was hoping to make it until Christmas, but we drink too much coffee to last that long without one. Jim has a Keurig at work and refuses to get one for our house so we went with a carafe-style coffeepot again. Here's to hoping it lasts longer than a year this time!

  5. 2. Why we don't have a Christmas tree. One cat for years and now a second one. Nope.

    4. And nope.

    6. I need new glasses too. Progressives. Ugh but I need them.


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