Thursday, January 12, 2017

Plans for 2017

I am terrible with making lists and actually following through on anything... An example of this is that I just posted a list of 2016 books that I never got around to, but really want to. I did the same Top Ten Tuesday back in 2016 about 2015. I have read one book out of the 10. What is the matter with me? I am on a mission to severally cut back on my book purchases this year, but I have done this in previous years and still didn't really make any real progress on my TBR. And, even with the over-abundance of new books last year, I still actually own less books that I ever have before. So, tackling the TBR should not be so unmanageable! But, plans go out the window as the year goes...

Let's see what I would like to do in 2017:

1. | Continue my habit of using an Audible credit and immediately reading the book. The only time I swerved from that plan was when they had a sale on Lois McMaster Bujold and I used some credits to get a bunch of her famous series. Otherwise, in 2016, I listened to everything that I used a credit on and need to continue that practice in 2017.

2. | Keep up the habit of audiobook listening. I tend to fall of the wagon with this here and there. I need to keep it up!

3. | Concentrate on reading my own books. This should be manageable this year because I rarely go to the library here, I do not have Scribd anymore, etc. I do have Marvel Unlimited and Audible, but they add to my reading; not really take away from it.

4. | Catch up on series. I am so bad with series people. I like them, but I am so behind on so many. I honestly purged a bunch of series over the last couple book purges because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Some of the fantasy was because I have read book 1 and the series is 20 books long. Or, I had a couple series that I had not even started. Or, it had just been forever since I read book one, so clearly I was not in a rush to get to book 2 anytime soon. These were mainly series I see at the second hand store all the time, so if my mind changes then I can always easily get them back. It was just an attempt to take some pressure off myself! I love fantasy but everything is a flipping series.

5. | Read every book that enters my house this year, this year. Considering my track record, we will see how that goes!

6. | Read the 9 books off this Top Ten Tuesday from 2016 that I never got to in 2015 or '16.

7. | Read the books that I got in 2016. I made a list and for the month of January I have a small pile of them on my nightstand. If this works out, I will make a pile every month. I didn't do my normal Books for Christmas book splurge this year, so all ready less books are entering my house for 2017.

8. | Read from Marvel Unlimited. I go through spurts with this app. As long as I am reading from it fairly regularly, then I can keep it. I find that it helps off-set my reading when I am not in the mood for longer works.

9. | Read more nonfiction. Even 12 this year would be a good goal!

10. | Don't ignore my e-reader. If I had an ideal goal it would be read a physical book, read a comic, read an e-book, read a comic, etc. The comics work by getting to the few unread graphic novels on my TBR and also by using Marvel Unlimited.

Non-Bookish Goals

1. | I rejoined Postcrossing this year and sent 8 postcards so far. I want to keep up the postcard sending and start collecting more postcards from around the world again.

2. | Use the treadmill regularly. I am really off the wagon with this between a cold and just general blah that I have been feeling the last few months. I need to get back in the routine.

3. | Use my real camera! Something tells me this will be more in the spring than right now, but honestly, use it more.

4. | Post a phone everyday on Instagram. Try to find pictures of something other than cats, the dog, and books. lol

5. | Use Litsy! I love Litsy, but it sort of fell off the priority list as 2016 went. 

There are other things, but not stuff I need to share on here.

So, there we have it. Things I would like to do in 2017. We will see how that goes!


  1. I hear ya! I've been working on reading actual physical books I have in my house and yet it seems I never make a dent in them. I get the series thing too. I have so many I'm in the middle of. I'd really like to finish a bunch. Good luck with your goals.

  2. Good luck! I think the only reading goal I'm going to make this year is to read more biographies. :)

  3. You are too hard on yourself! You should read what you want, when you want. Reading is a journey! When you start dictating what you should be reading, then you get into slumps because it is not what you want to read.

    Still, I do hope you reach some of your goals this year. I know how much it stresses you out to not do so, and I want you to be happy in 2017!

  4. One Audible book a month isn't enough for me, so I always listen to my book right away. I don't want to spend money for a more expensive plan, so I'll stick with what I've got.

  5. These are great goals! I'm hoping to pay more attention to my books too. We'll see how that goes. I've already gone to the library and checked out some books. Ah well, good intentions! :)

  6. Marvel Unlimited, that's what I need to do too! I want to read a lot more comics this year. I meant to do the same last year, and I didn't manage it because I guess I got distracted. This year I can do it though! I have already read two Batgirls and a Wonder Woman, and I have three more volumes of the former and two more volumes of the latter checked out from the library. I am going to read more comics and learn to love DC this year and that is my mission.

  7. Best of luck with the goals; it seems like you have a great mix of pre-existing successes, partly started successes, and ongoing struggles. I'm right with you on the "series question": it's so hard because there are so many!


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