Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Summer...

Howdy folks! I know, I should be posting a review, but it is late at night and I worked backshift last night, so I am mostly just posting so my blog doesn't get neglected. The plan is to post a decent review tomorrow after a good nights sleep. I have quite the list of things to do tomorrow, though, so we will have to see how things work out. I didn't make any major plans tomorrow because I have been working so much lately that things are getting really neglected in my neck of the woods.

I am some sort of exciting news... For me, anyways. First up, I actually get six days in a row off work! Amazing, I know! I have been at work constantly lately, so I am really looking forward to actually getting away from the place for a while. I am going to Cape Breton for my mother's half-sisters wedding. I will be honest, I have very little interest in going, but most of my friends are going to be working and things, so I might as well get away from it all for a few days. I am mostly going because this year is the 250th anniversary of this battle that was fought at Louisbourg. I am a pretty big history buff... I was in Cape Breton for the 250th anniversary of this battle but no one in my family is all that interested in history, so I didn't get to go. A documentary was later released about it, and of course I watched it in school, so I knew that one of these days I was going to have to go. So, if the wedding does not really interest me all that much, at least I have this to keep me occupied. I have been to Louisbourg before, actually I was there last summer, so this will not be my first time.

Frankly, while the Louisbourg thing will be fun... I am actually more looking forward to my trip in August... It is only an overnight one with my closest male friend (you might know him better as the Rush fan... or various other references on my blog in the last few months when reviews suspended and I started entertaining with pointless rambling). We are going to Lunenburg overnight, and it is actually because I want to go sailing on the Bluenose. That's another thing I always wanted to do, and could never find anyone to do it with me, so somehow we came to the conclusion this week that we were going to go. I booked the hotel yesterday. Do we need to stay overnight? Probably not, but with our work schedules and various other committments we spend most of our time together in stolen moments, so I am looking forward to a couple days of fun without various distractions. I really do not know what the room I booked looks like... All I know is it has a balcony and overlooks the harbour. This is the hotel, though, The Brigantine Inn.

Anyways, those are two of my summer plans. What does everyone out in blogland have planned? I hope one of them is to enter my contest.... What are the things about the other sex that you wish they didn't do? What would be your 'porn'? If this gets some response I will send one lucky person a copy of Porn for Women. (If you post about it on your blog in some manner and link back here, you will be entered twice! Really creative entries will get entered three times!) The contest ends August 1st.

Oh, and the pancakes I woke up for? Not as good as homemade ones, but that was a really great day! I am glad I woke up early for them. It was good company, I got to go back to sleep, and then I had good company again, the pancakes were blueberry, and I just had a good day overall (until I had to go to work), so I do not regret the lack of sleep!

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  1. Hi Kelly. I saw your comment about your trip to CB on my blog but got distracted by my trip to NB. I hope the weather is good for you. It's been sooo good. Swimming every day. There is a beach next to the Fortress. It's beautiful. I don't know if we'll be going to the Fortress for this one. But it sounds like it should be fun. Have a great time!


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