Sunday, July 13, 2008

You Know You Are Off Your Rocker When....

.... you plan to get up bright and early tomorrow to go out to breakfast with your friend after they get off backshift! And, well, its your idea because you have some insane desire to have pancakes... That would be me... Because you know, you get off work at midnight (and it is currently almost 1AM) and you have to be back at work at midnight, but hey, let's get up at 7:30 AM for pancakes... My friend just laughs at me. I was going to make my own but everything is closed (stupid stores), so I guess we are eating out. Will I be awake? Probably not and I cannot have caffeine because I plan to go back to bed. Me and my bright ideas, huh?

In the meantime, I REALLY need to review some books. I have actually been reading and you would never even know because I haven't posted any reviews. I started to post one earlier and I forgot what I was doing (totally a blonde in a past life, no offense), so of course that never got done. I have actually managed to read two books for the Canadian Reading Challenge (yay). One was Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland (I hated it Nymeth.... I have never hated a Douglas Coupland book before, and since I know you like him, you must know how tragic this is) and the other was Traveling Music by Neil Peart, which I didn't hate but I liked the other two books I read by him better.

Currently I am reading Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight, which I am counting as part of the Canadian Reading Challenge because she went to my university (which is in Canada) and she got an honorary degree the year I graduated. That makes her Canadian in my books. That will mean three out of thirteen books. Go me!

And now, I am going to shut up because I am mostly just rambling and if I have any hope of getting up for pancakes tomorrow, I need to go SLEEP! But, I should conclude with saying I had drunk men at work tonight going to the bathroom in the middle of the parking lot. While I understand it is a lot easier for men to go to the bathroom wherever they want... IT'S A PARKING LOT! I mean, there was a puddle! I was just disgusted because we have an amazing invention known as a TOILET! Maybe that is why the book I posted about earlier appealed to me so much... I just don't get the male species. I mean, there are really great men out there, but I seem to get stuck with the idiots!

So, now I am of course curious! I think I just had a book give-away idea! I know, I have a couple due... hm, I really should post that list, huh? I will do it on Wednesday. In the meantime, how about a fun topic of conversation? What are the things about the other sex that you wish they didn't do? What would be your 'porn'? If this gets some response I will send one lucky person a copy of Porn for Women. (If you post about it on your blog in some manner and link back here, you will be entered twice! Really creative entries will get entered three times!) I think this sounds like a fun idea... And, I really will send out all the books I owe people. You should SEE the pile of books on my floor, though, it is like Mt. Rushmore and I have worked a LOT lately... Anyways, how about August 1st as an end date...


  1. I would love a hunk to pick up the TV remote and give it to ME.

  2. No need to enter me, K, but I wanted to let you know I posted about this at Win a Book. Hopefull you'll get some answers.

    As for what I wish they didn't do... Hmm. The laundry. Leave that for me 'cause something ALWAYS goes wrong.

    And what's my porn? A good book and a bar of better chocolate.

  3. Some other things about the other sex, I wish they didn't do. Really to many to list. But some are snore and fart. Falling asleep after sex. Telling other people things about you, that you didn't want anyone to know. Etc. What's my porn. Got to be chocolate.

  4. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Interesting book...can you believe that I actually expected a sexy-looking woman on the cover? LOL porn is just so not associated with women!

    The one thing I really wish the opposite sex will not (at least my other half) is mumble "OK" when I ask for his opinion.

    My porn will be chocolates, chips and days on end just reading all the books sitting on my shelf right now!


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