Monday, June 08, 2009

Music Mundays – Top Five Music Videos.

Hello all. I was thrilled when Kailana invited me to write a guest post for her Music Mundays, and I immediately thought of coming up with a Nick Hornby-esque top five of some sort. But what to list? Albums? Songs? Bands or musicians? I wanted to pick something I could show you, so that’s why in the end I decided to go with music videos. To be honest it would perhaps be wiser to name this Five Music Videos I Really Like rather than Top Five, because I bet there are others I really love that I’m forgetting at the moment. But that would be too long a title, wouldn’t it?

Enough blabbing – enjoy!

Vidrar Vel Til Loftarasa by Sigur Rós

I’m listing it first so that if you only watch one, it’ll be this. Yes, it’s long. But it tells a story, and there’s a good chance it’ll make you cry. It gets me every time.

People Have a Lot of Nerve by Neko Case

This is a newer addition to my list of favourites, but I couldn’t leave it out. Watch it and love it.

Hunted by a Freak by Mogwai

Another sad one. Aaaah. The poor turtle. It’s not fair. Animal cruelty really gets to me, so the first time I watched this I was a sobbing mess. I love it, though, because I don’t think it’s gratuitous (and if you’re worried, it’s not graphic either).

Be Gentle With Me – The Boy Least Likely To

Something happy and bouncy now – it’s only fair!

Human Behaviour by Björk

I always adore Björk’s videos, so I could easily pick another. But this, directed by my beloved Michel Gondry, is probably my favourite, even though the song itself is not among my favourites of hers.

What about you? What are some of your favourite music videos?


  1. I've always been oddly fascinated by Bjork. Very interesting musician.

    I like the sound of some of the other songs, too!

  2. Is it lame to comment on my own guest post? :P Just wanted to thank you again for inviting me to contribute!

  3. Well, Ana, it actually makes more sense for you to comment than for me! I will be the first to say that with the exception of Bjork, I have no idea who the other people are. :)

  4. Neko Case!! I hate a love/hate relationship with Bjork. I loved the Sugarcubes, but Bjork herself kind of annoys me!! I still have nightmares about that Teddy Bear in this video! I do love her voice though.

  5. They were all interesting videos but I can't say I'm familiar with them. I skipped the one about animal abuse... can't cry at work. It's a great post, Nymeth.


  6. Thats my favorite Bjork video! I watched it so much when it first came out that I ended up loving the song too :P

    I really like all the others that you posted but I've only heard of Bjork and Neko. The Boy Least Likely video was too cool - I loved how the animals looked so cute!


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