Monday, October 12, 2009

Music Munday: Josh Groban

I had my Music Munday post all ready to go and was in the very act of posting it for Kailana's blog, when I suddenly realized that last week's guest post, which I somehow missed (not that surprising actually since it was a crazy week for me and I didn't get much blog hopping done,) was on the very same band, Muse! So I threw my post out the window and started over again.

Way back, when Kailana first asked me to do a Music Munday guest post, I teased her about gushing on my favorite musician, Josh Groban. But I decided no, I won't because I really should do something a little more unexpected. However, after I had to scrap that plan, I thought, hmmm.... maybe this is a sign I'm supposed to talk about Josh after all! Just know that I really did try to resist this inclination of mine spread the Josh joy. But then, of course, I gave in very easily!

Once upon a time, my sister said to me, "You should listen to this kid I've been hearing about. He is so young, but his voice is amazing!" I probably heard only one song or something, and I remember thinking, whatever... yeah... he sounds okay, but kind of opera-ish, and he's probably just getting attention because he's so young, and he won't last. Then, over that next year, I started seeing his CD every where. It was his second CD at the time. And after a year or so of resisting the curiosity I was feeling, I finally gave in bought it. As I listened to it on the way home, I thought... wow! I'm LOVING this! And so it began.

My fanaticism grew slowly over the next year or so after that, and by the time his next album came out, I was crazy excited. Then, another year went by, and I found out he was coming to my city for a concert, so I turned into Major Fangirl, and spent unheard of amounts of money to make sure I was there. That concert was two years ago, and since that time, I've truly given up the fight and have totally embraced the Josh love. When the audience heard that he was making his concert CD at OUR city, we went crazy, so here is the opening number, You Are Loved, filmed at "my" concert:

So what is it about him that I love so much? Firstly, that amazing voice. Yes, he did start at 17 years old. He was discovered by David Foster, and sang for the Grammy rehearsal with Celine Deon after Andrea Bocelli couldn't make it. But most people heard him for the first time when he appeared on Ally McBeal right after 9/11 singing a song that I guarantee if you listen to it while you think about someone you've lost, you WILL tear up and get chills. He was only about 18 or 19 at the time of this clip:

Secondly, his songs. Yes, many of them are in Italian, or Spanish, or even French, but the meaning comes through loud and clear. They are all uplifting, inspirational, and all happy-making. I listen to his songs often to pull myself out of a bad mood day, they never fail to make me feel better about life.

Thirdly, his personality. Once the obsession got going for real, of course I learned more and more about him, watched all his "making of" cd's, and saw that he is quite the character. He is funny, silly, goofy, smart, happy, friendly, a little irreverent, and he is so not afraid to make fun of himself as was proven in that recent Glee episode he was on and in
this, one of my favorite clips EVER of him showing up at Michael Buble's concert.

Fourthly, he's stinkin' cute too! And he has the best smile that crinkles his eyes all up. Oh, yeah and he's a smokin' hot drummer besides. (I couldn't find the good clip of him drumming, but
here's one that will give you an idea. He starts out on the synthesizer, and ends on the drums. Cool.)

There's so many songs I wish I could share. It's funny because I have a playlist on my Ipod labled "Josh's Best" which includes about half of his songs... then I made another list called "Josh's Second Best "which includes the other half. So yeah. They're ALL good. But just so I can share another one, here's one I love and it's actually a pretty good quality video too, filmed once again at "my" concert:

Josh has three main albums: Josh Groban, Closer and Awake, a Christmas album called Noel (which was the top selling album for 2007), and enough miscellaneous songs from movies and bonus tracks, etc. to make a playlist long enough for a whole other album. He is currently working on his next album, due out next spring. (Ah, what a long wait it's been!) You can learn tons about him here at
his official site, or here at the best fan site, or here at a wonderful blog I follow, or here where he vlogs now and then, or here where he Twitters! Whew! So anyway, take a listen, especially if you only know him for You Raise Me Up.... there's so much more than just that song!

And since it's just about time for Christmas music (it's legal as soon as Halloween comes, right?) here's one to get you in the mood (besides, Kailana made a special request for it!)


  1. excellent post on a fabulous person! Sufice to say , Josh Groban spans the ages and lets even the old adore him!!

  2. I loved this post! Truly I did.
    I have enjoyed listening to Josh Groban but do not own any of his music. I have always appreciated his talent. However, your enthusiasim and fanaticism is infectious. I can "hear" your gushing in your writing. You have me wanting to go run out and buy one of his cds. Not only because of your gushing but also because you have pointed out a couple more of his talents I was unaware of like his ability to play the drums and synthesizer along with his sense of ease on the stage. I got a kick out of his joking nature with Michael Buble. Yeah, I could get into his music not only for his wonderful voice but also for the other dimensions of himself. Hmmm...will I be gushing over his music soon as well?
    Question for you: Buying my fist Josh Groban cd, which one do you recommend first?

  3. Deanna: Oh... hard question. Because, they are all so good! I'd probably just start with the first one... which he did when he was only 19. Then go from there, and you'll be able to see how, even though he was so good so young, he just gets better and better. The last one, Awake, has quite a different feel to it too, because each album he does, he likes to try new things.

  4. Loved the post! Thank you so much for sharing. :D

    I'm off to download some more Josh Groban music to my ipod. :D

  5. I think it was meant to be. Did you see when he was on Glee?

  6. Thanks so much, Suey! It was great you were going to do something different, but a post on Just Groban is very fitting for you! AND, thank you for posting Believe. I really like that song!

    Did I tell you I actually own one of his albums? His Christmas one to be exact... He has an amazing voice even if he is not my normal type of music. :)

  7. I just have one Josh Groban album, which I bought for my mother when she reached the point that she could no longer get out of bed. Dying is boring! She asked me to go buy her some music to help pass the time!! Otherwise, I would have missed him completely. I think Awake is the album I've got. It's awesome.

  8. I'm with Kailana: when I think of Josh Groban, you always come to mind, Suey. Thanks for the post.

  9. I introduced Hubby to Josh's music way back when, during a trip to California. He made us stop at a store that same morning to buy the CD. We listened to it with Kiddo (age 2 at the time) asleep in the back seat, driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, looking out over the gorgeous views. Josh Groban's music is forever associated with that one glorious day for me. Thanks for sharing all these great clips and bringing back such wonderful memories for me!

  10. DesLily: Agree! :)

    Leya: So did you go download something? I'm dying to know which songs you picked!

    Chris: Yes, on Glee he was quite silly. Playing "a jerky version of myself" he said.

    Kailana: Can't wait to start blasting the Christmas album again.

    Bookfool: Nice story. I hope your mom totally enjoyed it.

    Melissa: Ha! Too funny. Am I too over the top?

    Heather J: Love your story. His songs would go perfect with those cool coastal scenes.

  11. LOL--I might have already started listening to his Christmas album this month. I LOVE it love it love it. :) I don't listen to a lot of his other stuff, but mostly just because I'm unfamiliar. Off to itunes to go check him out (loved him on Ally McBeal all those years ago).

  12. Trish, if you love love LOVE his Christmas album then seriously, you really NEED to check out his other stuff! :)


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