Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week in Review (24)

Random Thoughts

I was on track to post once a day in July, but I couldn't really get near my computer yesterday... It wasn't a real goal or anything, but since it was happening I am disappointed I missed a day. I almost missed today, too, but since I have the house to myself I am getting some computer-related things done.

I have actually been reading so far this month, so that makes me happy. I didn't get a lot of reading done this weekend, but that's okay. I am hopefully going to have some reading time this week. I have a lot of great books on the go and I am looking forward to continuing with them and starting new ones.

Challenge News

uh, I think this was another week where I ignored challenges...

Weekly Reads

137. Outlander (Outlander Series, Book 1) by Diana Gabaldon (Completed July 10, 2011)
138. 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson (Completed July 10, 2011)
139. Ella Minnow Pea: A Novel in Letters by Mark Dunn (Completed July 10, 2011)
140. Blood Red Road by Moira Young (Completed July 11, 2011)
141. Dead Rules by Randy Russell (Completed July 12, 2011)
142. The Professor's Daughter by Joann Sfar & Emmanuel Guilbert (Completed July 14, 2011)
143. Enchanted Night by Steven Millhauser (Completed July 15, 2011)

Weekly Posts

New Additions

The Devil Colony by James Rollins
Enchanted Night by Steven Millhauser

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater
Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater
Chime by Franny Billingsley
Changeless by Gail Carriger
The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown
Red River by Lalita Tademy
The Professor's Daughter by Emmanuel Guilbert
Poison by Sara Poole
The Things we Cherished by Pam Jenoff

Nothing this week...

I have a separate post in mind...


  1. Did you like Outlander? I feel like I should read it because everyone else has lol. There's a really nice new edition that came out recently!

  2. One post a day in July would have been a very impressive number of posts. I've barely been able to manage one post a week since, like, March. :/ I've been reading a lot this month too but mainly the Song of Ice and Fire series, and it's hard to write reviews of a book series.

  3. Was it your first reading of Outlander? Did you like it?

    I tried to read Ella Minnow Pea and just wasn't in the right mood for it. I know I'll get around to it eventually though.

  4. I loved Outlander...hope you enjoyed it!!! You really got a lot read this past week. Sometimes I just don't feel like logging on the computer! :D I'm liking the list of the books that you borrowed! Have a great week!

  5. I'm so excited to see that you have Changeless checked out from the library. Be warned that you might want to have Blameless too as that was how I felt after reading Changeless. Love these books though! And I saw that you are reading Chime...hope you enjoy it!

  6. Soooo want Blood Red Road!!!

  7. Geez louise, I wish I could read as much as you! The most I can ever seem to read at a time is about an hour, whether I have distractions around or not.

    I hope you liked Outlander. I just finished my 4th re-listen of it. :)

  8. **Chris: This was my second time reading Outlander because I received a review copy of the shiny, new edition. :) I liked it, but have never been inspired to read on in the series.

    **Jenny: I have been very bad about posting a lot this year, so I was impressed when I saw I was doing so well. I am disappointed that I didn't accomplish the goal even if it wasn't intentional to begin with.

    **Alyce: It was a reread actually. I enjoyed it, but have never felt inspired to read the rest of the series.

    Ella Minnow Pea hurt my head by the end. I was trying to make words out of what they were saying and it was annoying!

    **Staci: I loved Outlander, too! It was just as good this time as the previous time. Plus, I have a nice new copy to enjoy. :)

    **samantha: I have had it out a couple times and not managed to read it. Hopefully it will work out this time!

    **animewookie: It was pretty good, actually. I didn't even know what it was about, but I logged into Goodreads the other day and someone was saying it was awesome. I had the book, so thought I would see what I thought. :)

    **Heather: Yeah, with my new reading method I can read for a while because if I get tired of one book, I can just trade for another. :)

    This was my second time reading Outlander and I enjoyed it.


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