Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week in Review (43)

Random Thoughts

I am not even sure why I am bothering with this post because there is not a lot to report. I didn't finish anything. I hardly even attempted to read. I am really hoping that December is a better reading month because November was depressing. I find that happens often, though. I just never seem to enjoy reading in November. There are other things going on that take my attention away, I suppose. When I could be reading I am usually cleaning or watching TV on DVD. I suppose it is nice to catch-up on a few things that I have owned forever and never watched, but reading would still be a good idea. I am hoping amongst doing laundry tonight I can finally get some reading done. There are many good books I am in the midst of that I would really like to see how things play out. Wish me luck!

As for my blog, I did really well posting in November considering the lack of reading. I was disappointed I got too busy to post yesterday or Friday, though. I am hoping the posting will at least continue because despite the quiet reading month I still have plenty of books that I would like to talk about before the year is over.

The sign-ups for Virtual Advent are still open. Hopefully a few more people will sign-up before we kick things off on December 1st. I am really looking forward to seeing what people post about this year.

Challenge News

I am hoping in December I will be able to squeeze a couple more challenge books in. I did very badly on the Great Reading Swap. I had actually hoped to get to many of them in November and December, so it makes November's quietness all that much more depressing. Some challenges will be finishing up in December, so I will be posting about them as we go along.

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New Additions

Nothing this week...

Nothing. I really need to go to the library on Monday...

Nothing this week...

Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James (Random House Canada)


  1. That's kind of my week too - didn't finish anything. Too busy and scattered lately. But you did more than I did. I talked myself out of even doing a weekend update post this week. Decided to just skip it and call it a continuation of the holiday weekend off.

  2. **SuziQ: It is not a holiday weekend here, so I don't have an excuse! I have been scattered lately, too. That's a good way of looking at it.

  3. I am hoping to finish up a couple more challenges in Dec too. Good luck with yours!

  4. We all have those moments that we don't feel like reading. I'm just now starting to feel like reading again. Sometimes I don't feel like blogging!! LOL!! Have a great week!

  5. Yeah, some weeks are like that. But it's funny how the end of the year can be a motivator! Good luck with your challenges :)

  6. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Hope you get your reading mojo back!

  7. **Amused: At this point I would just like to read...

    **Staci: Yeah, my reading is rather depressing lately...

    **Trish: Thanks!

    **Stacybuckeye: Thanks, me too!

  8. I've been scattered this past week too. I think I've blown my change to make my 100 books read goal this year. Which depressed me (along with everything else going on in my life) that the book I am reading is getting worse instead of better for me! I keep looking at my stacks thinking there's something I will enjoy there, though I can't find the one that says 'pick me, read me' yet. Maybe it was just one of those weeks???

  9. chance, not 'change'. lol!'

  10. I'm really hoping December is better too! I've read a whole TWO books this month :/ Pathetic...

  11. **Susan: Well, you have had a lot going on, so it is understandable. You will just have to set the goal again for next year. I am hopeful it will be a better year for you!

    **Chris: I hope December goes better for you, Chris!


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