Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poetry Project - Pulitzer Prize Winners

To finish up Pulitzer Prize month for the Poetry Project I decided to read the other half of the Robert Frost collection I started last week. I am very happy with myself for reading two poetry collections this month. That is more than I generally read in a year. And, they were both good. Plus, thanks to the wonders of online reading they were easy to get access to.

The Aim was Song

Thoughts: This is a poem about man trying to change the way that wind blew. Apparently before men it blew anyway it wanted and they taught it that the aim of it should be song. A nice poem about the wind.

Blue-Butterfly Day

Thoughts: A short pretty poem that is hard to sum in words. I think it is better to just read it yourself and appreciate it.

Good-by and Keep Cool

Thoughts: Saying good-bye to an orchard. Orchards are a big thing here because we are known for our apples. I am sure many a farmer knows the feeling that this poem expresses...

The Kitchen Chimney

Thoughts: A poem about a chimney is an interesting topic, huh? It works, though, and ends with wonderful imagery that I think most people can relate to.

Gathering Leaves

Thoughts: ah, yes, gathering leaves. This will be happening here soon because the trees are starting autumn all ready. When they change colours it is great, but then they are bare trees. We see bare trees longer than pretty, fully-leaved ones. It's sad!

A Hillside Thaw

Thoughts: This is a poem about lizards. I don't really have the same experience here, but Frost makes it sound really cool!

Our Singing Strength

Thoughts: I do know what it is like to have snow in spring. The ground is too hot all ready and the snow doesn't always stick. Then the snow keeps coming and eventually you start to know that it snowed. The roads are the last to be covered at that point. Frost makes it sound like a wonderful thing. We don't necessarily think so when it happens...

In a Disused Grave Yard

Thoughts: This is an interesting poem because I was in a disused grave yard just the other day. This was because it is full and the graveyard is old. We couldn't help being sad by the shape it was in, though. Along a nearby building there is a couple rows of the tops of knocked off grave stones. It's sad. The graveyard is in an unfortunate town, too. University... Alcohol... I am sure that while some fell down because of age the others had help...

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Thoughts: I like the title... It also plays a part in the poem. Worth checking out!

The Onset

Thoughts: Another poem that talks about snow... You would swear Frost was visiting Canada for this collection. Snow is a big topic of conversation. Snow when it is not 'expected' like in this poem is normally expressed in a different sort of colourful language than this poem is.

Two Look at Two

Thoughts: A poetry about nature. A quiet moment with a deer and a buck and interacting with nature.

A Boundless Moment

Thoughts: Another nice moment with nature. I like the line: 'A young beech clinging to its last year's leaves'.

The Valley's Singing Day

Thoughts: 'The Valley's Singing Day'. A nice image, huh?


Thoughts: Another poem that is too short to really say too much about, but I will point out how once again it sounds like this area.

The Lockless Door

Thoughts: I like this stanza:
So at a knock
I emptied my cage
To hide in the world
And alter with age.
Remember that Leslie has Mr. Linky and the wrap-up for August. I will be back next Wednesday with the Mr. Linky for September. The topic is Classics. (Hopefully if you find that over-whelming our resident poetry expert, Leslie, will share some suggestions like she did for Pulitizer winners.) If you post in between this week and next, just share your link on the September Mr. Linky. Then you will be included in the wrap-up for that month. And remember, the aim is to read poetry. The themes for each month are just suggestions.


  1. I'm impressed that you took the time to review all the poems. I often find that I love one or two, and can't think of a blessed thing to say about the rest!

  2. Nothing Gold Can Stay is one of my favorite poems ever. I think of it every spring, and sometimes when I'm looking at little blonde heads.


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